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Imagine Living Your Life Fully, Free of Fear and Anxiety

When you struggle with fears and phobias, you may be wondering –

“What can I do to make this go away?”

“Why can’t I just get on an elevator like everyone else?”

“What is causing me to have panic attacks and how can I make them stop?”

From the fear of flying to social anxiety, there are thousands of irrational fears that affect an untold number of people across the globe. If you suffer from a phobia, you know how they restrict your life and to what lengths you may go to avoid any situation that is associated with your phobia.


Living a Limitless Fear Free Life

Releasing the deep-seated fear of another panic attack

Believing in your abilities to successfully engage a group of people, and feeling good doing it

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Even though you may recognize that your phobia is irrational, and you want to overcome your fear, odds are you suffer panic, nervousness, and anxiety whenever you try to face it. The flight or fight response that occurs is beyond your conscious willpower. It actually stems from your subconscious mind, which means you have little control over it.

Fortunately, anxiety hypnosis is a highly effective way to overcome irrational fears and phobias. Hypnosis works quickly, usually in only 2-3 sessions, and is a completely natural and safe course of treatment. Hypnosis is often the only treatment that effectively eliminates fears, phobias, and anxiety.

Generally, there are three situations that create a phobia; parental influence during childhood, a traumatic event, or being witness to a terrifying event. The biggest problem is that this sensitizing event may not be remembered, though it is certainly stored in the subconscious. Traditional therapies may not be able to uncover the event, but hypnosis is usually able to uncover the event quickly because it deals specifically with the subconscious.

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How to Overcome Fears, Phobias, and Anxiety with Hypnosis in NYC

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

It is important to root out your fears to prevent them from growing worse and anxiety hypnosis does this easily by identifying the event that caused the phobia and then uncovering the situations or events that trigger the symptoms of your phobia.

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Your subconscious stores every thought, feeling, and emotion that you have ever experienced and then uses those memories to influence your thoughts and behaviors today. Even if you don’t remember the event or can’t understand why you have the irrational fear to begin with, your subconscious remembers and is using the event, no matter how exaggerated it may have become, as a method of protection. Anxiety hypnotherapy is able to change how your mind perceives the repressed situation or event. It helps the mind recognize that it no longer needs to initiate a flight or fight response to it.

Hypnosis is quite like what occurs when you get lost in a book or movie and lose track of time and your surroundings. It is a natural state that allows your hypnotist to shed light on the cause of your phobias and then place positive affirmations directly to the subconscious that enable you to release the fear, anxiety, and panic.

Hypnosis for anxiety, fears, and phobia works quickly to give you relief from your debilitating fears, so you can be in control of your life. Hypnosis for phobias, anxiety, and fears is an effective way to bring positive change to your life, so you can be free to live the way you want without being limited by terror.

Hypnosis works for Anxiety Depression Fears NYC

Is hypnosis for phobias and anxiety really effective?

Hypnosis is a fast, cost-efficient, medication free substitute for treating anxiety. The large amount of research shows convincing proof that hypnotherapy is effective in treating for anxiety. The National Center for Biotechnology Information

Hypnosis for panic attacks and anxiety is extremely effective because it metaphorically rewires the inner mind to remain calm and at peace. It is also one of the only ways to find the past experience that led to the feelings of anxiety and let it go.  

What takes place during a hypnosis for anxiety session?

We start by discussing your challenge and explaining what to anticipate during your hypnosis for anxiety sessions.

Over the course of your anxiety release hypnosis program, you are guided into a concentrated state of awareness and relaxation where your NYC certified hypnotist can uncover the event that prompted your fear. We then train your unconscious mind to let it go. This along with hypnotic suggestive techniques will help you to leave this fear and event in the past where it belongs.

What happens after the hypnosis for panic disorder session?

In between sessions, you will be provided with a hypnotic audio session that will strengthen the hypnosis suggestions for remaining calm and at peace. We also provide personalized strategies that will vary based on the client.

Why should I select the NYC Hypnosis Center, Freedom from Fear, hypnosis program? 

We have assisted thousands of New Yorkers (New York, NY) and we have the testimonials to prove it. The videos with client testimonials are not professionally edited because we wanted an authentic and spontaneous accounting of what happened during the sessions and how hypnosis assisted our clients. 

New York Hypnotherapy Video Testimonials NYC

The New York City Hypnosis Center is passionate about treating anxiety and receives most of its hypnosis for anxiety referrals from doctors and psychiatrists because of our track record in helping previous patients.

We are certified by the IACHT, the National Guild, and the IACT. Whether it is performance anxiety like public speaking, a phobia like the fear of flying, or generalized anxiety, we are here to help. 

Are the sessions offered via Skype as well as in person?

Since some of our anxiety clients are unable to attend in person, we decided early on, to offer Facetime and Skype appointments. 

We have found over the years that some clients simply prefer to experience hypnosis at home regardless of their ability to attend live sessions due to their schedule, proximity to the office, or for comfort and privacy. We have assisted clients across the Unites States and too many other countries to count. 

Aside from panic attacks and anxiety, online Hypnosis, also referred to as Hypnotherapy, can help clients to quit smoking and with weight loss.

Are there any scientific studies that prove hypnosis works for anxiety?

Hypnosis is a highly effective way to manage the part of the brain which controls fears. In a study of 24 people (12 had phobias regarding dental work, and 12 were a control group), researchers found hypnosis to be useful at changing the fear circuitry structures in the brain

By changing how fear is processed in the brain, research participants were able to tolerate endodontic procedures and dental surgery with minimal amounts of anesthesia. This study was the first to prove that hypnosis can reduce the effect of anxiety-inducing stimuli, like dental treatments, on the brain, thus enabling people with phobias to mitigate their fears

Scientific Proof that Hypnosis Works NYC

Research shows that hypnosis is an effective treatment against depression. In a study, a group of 84 participants was divided into two groups. One part of the group underwent 16 weeks of Cognitive Hypnosis (CH), and the rest were given 16 weeks of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 

Although both methods were found to be beneficial, the Hypnosis group proved to be significantly more effective. Due to the hypnosis group’s exceptional scores on the Beck Anxiety Inventory, Beck Depression Inventory, and the Beck Hopelessness Scale, hypnosis met the American Psychological Association (APA) criteria for effective treatments as “probably efficacious.”

Due to the reduction of anxiety, depression, and level of negative mood in both groups, authors in the Treatment of Patients with Anxiety Disorders state hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral strategies both to be effective. 

A 1980 study illustrated the positive impact of hypnosis on stress relief, both as a short term and a long-term intervention. In a study of over one hundred participants, over seventy-five participants reported relief after twelve weeks using hypnosis. Remarkably, at one year, nearly the same number reported continued relief from stress. 

In a 1999 study of 20 people, self-hypnosis was found to be more effective than relaxation at creating higher levels of confidence and positivity. However, both relaxation and self-hypnosis were useful against anxiety, even in 1 month.

In a 2001 literature review published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), both relaxation and hypnosis were effective against anxiety. Studies used for the literature review contained both randomized trials and systemic reviews. 

Through hypnotic techniques like age regression and ego strengthening exercises, people became panic free

Hypnosis was able to decrease symptoms like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), generalized anxiety, and distraction. 

Hypnotic techniques used to treat panic disorder successfully were age regression and hypnoanalysis ego-strengthening suggestions. 

Hypnosis also proved to be useful for treating individuals who have undergone traumatic events, such as sexual-abuse and motor vehicle accidents.

In order to activate and reframe traumatic memories, hypnotherapy was utilized. Hypnotherapy proved to be more productive, as indicated by statistical results from pre and post-test feedback. 


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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person