Hypnosis for a Fear of Falling

Hypnosis for a Fear of Falling Hypnotherapy NYC

Are you were preoccupied with the fear of falling?

Imagine how it would feel to lose your sense of independence as a result of that fear. Now imagine that you are no longer able to engage in the activities that you enjoy. Hypnosis for a fear of falling can help you regain your independence and enjoy your favorite activities again!

Most of us have heard of phobias such as the fear of heights, the fear of water, or the fear of open spaces. But, have you heard of the fear of falling? This fear is more common than you may think. As with other phobias, it can be debilitating if allowed to take over your life.

You may be saying to yourself:

• “I have fallen in the past. How can I not be afraid?”

• “My fear of falling is natural for my age.”

• “My fear of falling keeps me safe.”

What can you do when you are living with this fear?

Use hypnosis for a fear of falling and live a full and active life!

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How Phobias are Created

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Our phobias start of as fears toward something. Fear is not a problem until it becomes the point of our focus. The more we pay attention to our fears, the stronger it becomes. For the person who fears falling, having a falling incident only reinforces that fear. This creates a vicious cycle where by the person’s confidence gradually erodes away. If not treated, this fear becomes a phobia that takes over their life. There is an answer: Use hypnosis for a fear of falling.

Hypnosis for a Fear of Falling – The Ultimate Cure

Take a moment and imagine how you would feel if you were able to walk with confidence. Imagine what it would be like if you felt in control, that you could walk whenever and wherever you wanted! Not only could this be your reality but achieving it is a lot easier than you may think!

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Overcoming a phobia requires changing the meaning that we give to our fear. Regaining confidence in walking requires changing our beliefs regarding our ability to walk confidently. The key to dealing with the fear of falling is to gain confidence in one’s ability to walk. All change involves a change in meaning. Hypnosis is a tremendous tool because it involves transforming meaning.

Hypnosis works by allowing you to access your subconscious memories that are creating the fear of falling. When these memories are identified, new empowering ones are created. Because your memories have changed, the meaning that you give to falling changes. Because the meaning that you give to falling changes, you lose your fear falling.

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While you undergo your hypnosis sessions, and you remain in full control at all times. Best of all, you will never feel more relaxed!

Don’t wait! Think of what your fear of falling has cost you in your life! Now imagine how you would feel if you were free of that fear! Plot a new direction in your life. You can experience all of this when you use hypnosis for a fear of falling.

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