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Hypnotherapy for Fear of Vomiting Hypnosis NYC

If you avoid certain places, situations, and foods because you’re terrified to throw up, you’re actually suffering from Emetophobia – a fancy way of saying you have a fear of vomiting. Emetophobia is no joke; it’s a real disorder that affects millions of people around the world.

If you suffer from Emetophobia, you probably go to great lengths to avoid throwing up – including changing your behavior and adopting “patterns” that you believe will keep you from vomiting. Many of these patterns are irrational, and all they do is create anxiety and unhappiness.

Hypnosis can help reprogram your mind and facilitate behavioral change.

The NYC Hypnosis Center 4 Step Fear of Vomiting Program Can Help You

  • Identify When, Where, and What Triggers Your Fear
  • Replace Catastrophic Thoughts with Truthful Statements
  • Assist in Reprogramming the Way You Think About the Idea of Getting Sick
  • Teach Self Hypnosis for Daily Reinforcement

Why is this happening to you?

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You can develop a fear of vomiting for a number of reasons. Maybe you had a particularly bad case of the stomach flu a few years back, and now you’re terrified to get it again. Or, maybe you threw up in public once, and the embarrassment was so bad that you’re obsessed with preventing it from happening again. Your vomiting phobia may have developed from something even less dramatic – like watching someone else throw up. Whatever the reason behind it, the best way to rid yourself of fear of vomiting is by utilizing hypnosis.

Your fear of throwing up is based in your subconscious mind. Those past experiences have been blown out of proportion by your subconscious. Instead of seeing them for what they are – traumatic, but isolated events – your subconscious believes that if you do certain things, eat certain foods, or go to certain places, you will throw up again. As a result, you avoid anything that could possibly make you throw up – even to the point of being completely obsessed and irrational.

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What happens during a Fear of Vomiting Hypnosis session?

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During a fear of vomiting hypnosis session, we can teach your subconscious that the past events that have made you terrified of throwing up were completely independent events – and they have nothing to do with what’s going on in your life today. Your subconscious will understand that your behavioral patterns have nothing to do with whether or not you’re going to throw up. As a result, your vomiting phobia can disappear completely.

Phobias tend to result from three main life events or experiences. They include trauma, parental impact on childhood, or observing something terrifying. These factors can cover a very wide range of experiences. The root cause of the fear likely stems from a childhood experience. This experience must be reframed so that the subconscious mind understands that the flight response or fear is no longer necessary.

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Various triggers can set off your fear, but your reaction in some instances can be delayed so that you react to something else entirely. Often times, clients are surprised to discover what the initial fear inducing event is, because at face value it does not seem to have a direct connection to the fear. However, there is always a connection although it may not be obvious initially.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state, that when achieved, allows your hypnotist to access your subconscious mind. When you watch a movie, read a book, or focus on a project at work and lose track of time, you are experiencing hypnosis. Once a client is guided into hypnosis, we at the NY Hypnosis Institute can then give positive suggestions directly to the subconscious mind.

So, how does hypnosis help you overcome your fear?

During a NYC Hypnosis Center fear of vomiting hypnosis session, you can identify the event from your past that has been blown out of proportion. Contrary to what you might think, the subconscious mind does not judge the fear; it is simply attempting to protect you, its host. Once the event is identified, your hypnotist can then reframe the way your subconscious mind perceives that event, allowing the fear and anxiety to be released.

A New York Hypnosis Fear of Vomiting Hypnosis session can retrain your mind to:

Eliminate your fear of vomiting completely

Provide you with the freedom to eat and go wherever you please free of fear 

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