Fear of Going Back to Work

Hypnosis to Overcome the Fear of Going Back to Work


Embracing a new morning and conquering the fear of going back to work. 

Initiating new ideas and brainstorming with a team of coworkers. 

Confidently collaborating with your team members. 

Being afraid of going back to work can keep you from success, advancement, and a consistent paycheck. 

If you struggle with the fear of going back to work, you’ve probably asked yourself

Why am I so afraid of something I used to be able to do before? 

How can I be less intimidated by the prospect of a typical workday? 

What can I do to change the fearful thoughts in my head about work? 

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How to Overcome Fears, Phobias, and Anxiety with Hypnosis in NYC

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The fear of going back to work can happen to anyone. Perhaps you took time off for an illness, to raise children, or to go to school. Some people may have worked at home due to social-distancing measures and the coronavirus. Whatever the reason, going back to work can make someone fearful of what work might be like when they return. The mind may create catastrophic scenarios that strike fear. Even if those scenarios were improbable to occur, the mind sees them as a real danger. And though you understand that work is necessary, you might feel like staying home and avoiding the situation instead. Your home and non-work routine may have become familiar and safe. Going back to work, on the other hand, may feel overwhelming and fraught with danger—leaving you too afraid to return. 


Coming home after a satisfying and rewarding day at work.  

Competently accomplishing work duties and earning a salary. 

Being calm and relaxed the night before a scheduled day at work.  

Hypnosis and the Fear of Going Back to Work

Our worries often start within the subconscious mind. Through hypnosis, we can access your subconscious and assist you in changing your thoughts about returning to the work environment. Finding the root cause of your fears, learning to overcome them, and changing how you respond can be difficult changes to do alone. While in hypnosis we can help eliminate your fear. 

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Events may have happened earlier in your life that has led you to your fears. Hypnosis helps to identify the experiences that are at the root of your anxiety. Hypnotic techniques can help you let these events go. We will also include suggestions for the subconscious mind, teaching it to react differently the next time a trigger about the fear of work occurs. These suggestions help to program the mind to manage the thoughts that sabotage your success. 

Scientific Proof

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Hypnosis is an intervention that can help you get over the fear of going back to work. A 2016 study in the journal Cerebral Cortex, discovered that areas of the brain displayed activity under hypnosis. These areas were related to attention, physical and emotional responses, and a person’s own awareness internal reactions and external environments—all vital elements when facing fears. The 2016 handbook for the American Psychological Association also designates hypnosis as an effective method for the treatment of fears and anxiety. 

The fear of going back to work can affect your ability to provide for your family and prevent your overall success. Don’t let this happen to you. Call us today to schedule an in-person or videoconference appointment. We will work with you to overcome your fears and get you back to work.

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