Hypnosis for Excessive Sweating

Hypnosis for Excessive Sweating NYC

Do you break out in a sweat at the worst possible moment? 

Is excessive sweating getting in the way of having a normal social life?

Do you think twice over every day things like shaking someone’s hand or going out on a hot summer day? 

Excessive sweating also referred to as hyperhidrosis is a condition that results from an overproduction of the sweat glands. It can affect one part of the body primarily or can impact the entire body. If you experience excessive sweating, you may have felt self-conscious and embarrassed. You may have a heightened level of anxiety and avoid social situations or may feel uncomfortable in a work setting. It can impact important aspects of your life including being self-conscious during intimacy, exercise or when attending work functions. 

Excessive Sweating Treatment Options 

Excessive sweating may be caused by an underlying medical condition. There are options more invasive than hypnosis for HYPERHIDROSIS that are available. Botox injections or surgical procedures are used. Botox is a temporary solution because in a few months, the nerves will regenerate and additional Botox injections will be necessary. Some surgical procedures may result in infection or scaring. These options don’t consider the psychological elements that impact this condition. If these options are not medically necessary, consider hypnosis for excessive sweating. 


Feeling more relaxed in social settings without the worry of excessive sweating 

Noticing a shift in behavior, not feeling that heightened anxiety with situations that triggered you in the past

Experiencing a greater state of relaxation during each session

Understanding the root cause of your excessive sweating 

Experiencing a sense of freedom that comes with conquering life challenges that plagued you all your life 

How Hypnosis for Excessive Sweating  Can Help

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Hypnotherapy for excessive sweating deals with the underlying psychological factors that other treatment options do not address. When guided into hypnosis, an individual goes into a deep state of relaxation. Hypnosis for excessive sweating taps into the subconscious mind where the emotional elements and deep seeded beliefs are help. These strong beliefs housed within the subconscious can manifest themselves in a number of ways including physical conditions. Hypnosis focuses on the deep-rooted beliefs and shifting to more constructive behavioral patterns and coping strategies. For instance, one has to learn how to interact in social situations without the excessive sweating. Without these coping strategies, there’s a disconnect for the individual and it can still create or heighten anxiety. 

Causes of Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating can be the result of a medical condition. However, heightened anxiety can trigger it as well. An event or situation triggers your anxiety so you start to sweat, then you feel anxious about the fact that you are sweating in the most inopportune moments. This in turn causes greater anxiety which leads to more sweating. It becomes a conditioned response, one that has to be unlearned and replaced with healthier behavioral patterns. There was an event perhaps in your in your childhood where this began. Identifying the event and changing the way you view it through hypnosis can be a life changing experience. 

Case Study Success with Hypnosis 

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There was an interesting case study about hypnosis for HYPERHIDROSIS combined with therapy. The focus was on an individual that experienced excessive sweating when dealing with people he felt were authority figures in his life, even when speaking with clients on the phone. His overactive sweating was also triggered by an interaction with an ex-girlfriend. He responded to hypnosis quickly and felt a deep relaxation during the first session. Hypnotherapy for HYPERHIDROSIS incorporated guided imagery where the individual was able to remember a time when he felt confident and self-assured. There was also an exploration into his subconscious where the root cause of his condition was determined. The place where he felt confident was continuously reinforced throughout the sessions. There were a number of situations that tested the effectiveness of hypnosis for sweating. Once during a house warming party and another instance when running into his ex-girlfriend again. He was pleased to report he did not experience excessive sweating in those situations that previously served as a trigger. In the 7 month follow up, he still showed significant improvements.

Another study showed that while in hypnosis the subjects sweating regulated in less than 1 minute. Hypnosis for excess sweating can address the automatic perspiration, fear, and social anxiety that excessive sweating creates.

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