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Imagine living a world without an irrational fear of violence...

While it is normal to fear danger, there is a point when you can become too afraid. If your fear dictates your life, it needs to be ended. Violence is  no more likely now than it was decades ago. The media has made the world seem more terrifying, but everything is just the same.

When you have a fear of violence, it can be debilitating. Leaving your house can seem dangerous.

Is your everyday life determined by your fear?

Are you afraid that you will be attacked?

Do you look over your shoulder constantly for danger?

Are you afraid of leaving home because you could be hurt?

The first thing to do is decide if you have a real reason to be afraid. Is there violence everywhere? No. Are you statistically likely to be attacked today? No, you are not. Unless you are in a war-torn area, your chances of being hurt are very small. Media stories make violence seem like it is everywhere. In reality, these cases occur far less often than you think. If your fear is unfounded, fear of violence hypnosis can help.

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Imagine . . .

Being able to leave your home without feeling afraid.

Feeling more relaxed and happy in public places.

Not worrying about being attacked all the time.

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Long ago, fear was a useful tool. It taught ancient man to fear lion attacks and rival tribes. Today, this evolutionary trait is less helpful. Long-term fear can harm your health. It increases your blood pressure and cortisol levels. At times, normal life seems impossible. Unfortunately, these fears can be self-perpetuating. Your subconscious thinks that you were afraid before and were not hurt. Now, it thinks being afraid again will protect you. In reality, this fear is damaging to your health and happiness.

Fear of violence hypnosis works naturally to target your worries. It calms your emotional response so that your brain can be retrained. You feel the fear deflating like a balloon as it leaves your mind. Instead of being worried, you are relaxed and calm. Once you are in this state, your subconscious mind is directly targeted. Now, you can start ending your fear.

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If you tried to consciously work through your fears, it could take years. Fear of violence hypnosis works immediately because it targets the root cause. These fears are only based in your mind, so it is your mind that must be changed. This type of hypnosis stems from an understanding of the fear response. It works with the natural functioning of the human mind. It helps you relax and visualize feeling more confident.

Once your mind is retrained, you will quickly feel calmer in regular life. You will feel comfortable leaving home, traveling and being in populated areas. Instead of being ruled by your fear, you will be able to take charge of your life again. If your life is controlled by fear, there is a solution. Fear of violence hypnosis is your tool to feel happy again.

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