Past Life Regression Therapy in NYC

past life memory exploration NYC Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss

Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss – Imagine having a deeper understanding of your purpose in life and knowing why you feel or behave the way you do.

with Past Life Regression Therapy

If you have ever wondered why, you feel or think certain ways that seem to have no explanation, you have probably questioned –

“Why do I have fears that seem to have no explanation?”

“What is my purpose in life?”

“Why when I meet certain people, do I feel as if there is an instant connection?”

Life is complex and it is not always easy to understand why we do some of the things we do. Maybe you have unexplained fears or phobias, maybe you feel stuck or blocked, as if you are no able to do something that you need to do. Maybe you simply want to understand your purpose in life or why you sometimes feel Déjà vu. Past Life Regression can help you find the answers to your questions and can help you achieve a deeper, more meaningful life.

Past Life Regression Video Testimonial

An Interesting Past Life Regression New York Hypnosis Testimonial that Includes Reincarnation/Woman


Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Past Life Patterns including phobias

Identifying the people, you have incarnated with lifetime after lifetime

Enjoying life in a truly fulfilling manner

Being free from pain, suffering or emotional torment

Knowing your purpose in life and working towards spiritual, emotional, or mental achievement

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These sessions allow you to travel backwards through your prior existences. It is sometimes sought out of simple curiosity or with a specific purpose, such as to understand who you are and why you think, feel, or behave in a certain way. Past life therapy helps you identify significant challenges in your life, and what they mean. This form of hypnosis helps you overcome behaviors and beliefs that limit your life and your relationships. It can help you heal wounds that affect the quality of your life and can have a profound and positive impact on how you continue to evolve.

A Recorded Past Life Regression – The Pirate Captain and the Woman who Touched him

Past Life Regression The Pirate & the Woman who touched him

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Past life regression hypnosis can help you identify the souls that you may have known in previous lives and understand the roles that you and those souls play in each other lives, whether positive or negative. People who experience it generally come away with a much better understanding of the patterns of their lives and are able to release past life lessons that may be holding them back.

New York past life regression NYC Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss

This therapy is particularly effective for people who suffer irrational fears or phobias, especially when there seems to be no real reason for the fear. It could be that some experience from a past life is negatively affecting your current one. For example, a person with an irrational fear of snakes may have suffered a bad experience in past life. Maybe they lived in an area with poisonous snakes and suffered greatly from a poisonous snake bite. Once this is identified through past life regression hypnosis, their current fear of snakes can be released, and the soul can begin to heal.

This form of hypnosis can also help you identify skills or positive lessons from past lives that may be quite beneficial today. It could be that you had a creative talent in a past life that you have been unable to tap into in this life. We offer this therapy in Manhattan and it can help you rediscover that talent and so you may be able to use it in your current life.

Eli Bliliuos facilitates Past Live Regression, Life Between Lives Regression, and Future Life Progression in New York City using hypnotic regression with clients.

The purpose of past life regression hypnosis is to gain a fuller understanding of current life and the challenges you may be facing. Maybe you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and simply aren’t achieving something that you feel you need to accomplish. Perhaps you are suffering a fear or torment and simply do not know why. It helps you find the answers you have been searching for by identifying the event from a past life that started it all.

Past-life hypnosis can give you the answers you may be seeking and help you lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life. It is safe, natural, and works whether you believe in reincarnation or not, as long as you accept the process. As a Past Life Therapist and Consulting Hypnotist, Eli Bliliuos goes farther than most other past life therapists in that he is able to integrate the experiences from your past lives into your current life situations.

Eli Bliliuos is a Past Life Hypnosis Therapist who helps to identify the connection between past life events and your current life experience. It allows the integration process to flow easily and for a client to understand his past life correlation with his present life.

Even though many people have profound experiences, regressions experiences vary and cannot be guaranteed

Are the Sessions Recorded?

The in-person sessions are video recorded, and a video download of the session is provided.

How To Prepare:

Please bring a List of the 5-10 most important relationships you have had. This includes supportive as well as antagonistic relationships. This list should include the first name of the person, their relationship to you, and a brief description of the relationship. The list can include relatives, loves, friends (or antagonists) and teachers.

ALL NYC Hypnosis Sessions are Available on Skype

Please limit your intake of caffieine and eat a good/hearty breakfast. Please prepare a list of 3 questions in order of importance.

Eli Bliliuos is the founder and CEO of The NYC Hypnosis Center and was formally trained by Dr. Brian Weiss and the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Regression. He considers Life Between Lives Regression and Past Life Therapy to be his calling in life and is honored to facilitate these sessions in New York City and in Miami.

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** Video and audio recordings are not guaranteed, as failures of equipment and file transfers do happen that are beyond the control of the NYC Hypnosis Center. Skype sessions are not recorded.

Even though many people have profound experiences, regressions experiences vary and cannot be guaranteed.

Why Mortality and grief often trigger an interest in past lives

Death and loss are something we all must face. As we get older our mortality becomes more obvious. The grief we experience due to the loss of loved ones is not only difficult to come to terms with but is also a reminder of what is in store for us. While we understand that our time in this body is limited, people often disassociate from this reality. This is why clients often seek to explore past lives after a loss or a medical scare.

How a Past Life Regression can help us face death and loss

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At its core, a past life regression can help clients confirm their immortality. As they experience different lifetimes, bodies, ethnicities, and genders, clients realize that the body is simply a shell or costume that we inhabit temporarily. By interacting with other souls that we recognize from our current life, who also inhabit different bodies, we learn that the loss of a loved one is not the end of that relationship. This realization can provide peace after the loss of a close family member and have a profound impact on how we perceive death and dying.

Do I choose which past lifetimes I remember?

The simple answer is no. The unconscious mind will present the past lives that are most important for you to remember. These past lives often have a direct connection to the current life. Additionally, the subconscious mind will not choose a past life memory that you are not ready to come to terms with. Based on my experience facilitating past life therapy sessions, I have found that clients often have hundreds of past lives. 

How can I benefit from a Past Life Regression Session?

So, you might be asking, “What will I learn from a Past Life therapy session?” The answer is different for everyone. But you can find out things that help you understand your current relationships or make sense of things you’re afraid of or can’t stop thinking about. Some people even find it helps with physical pain, which might be connected to something bad that happened in a past life.

Past Life Regression Therapists trained by Brian Weiss can help you with:

  • Dealing with the pain of losing someone you love.
  • Remembering things from your past lives.
  • Understanding the reasons why you have a strong connection to certain places.
  • Learning about your past lives and the people you’re close to now.
  • Finding out if any physical pain you have is linked to a past life.
  • Understanding why you have certain fears or why you have certain beliefs.
  • Learning important lessons from your past lives.
  • Identifying past life skills, abilities, and talents that you may be able to pick up quickly in your current life because of your past life experience

Practitioners trained by Dr. Brian Weiss on Past Life Regression help their clients discover these things. This therapy can help you understand yourself better.

How many Past Life Regression Sessions are required?

A single session of Past Life Therapy could change you profoundly. It’s like turning on a light in a dark room. But remember, this isn’t like normal therapy.

You don’t need to do these sessions every week or every month like other types of therapy. You might decide to come back for another session in a couple of months, maybe even a year, to keep learning and healing. How many sessions you do is up to you. Some people might only need one session.

Past Life Regression – Thinking about Life in a Different Way

Most of us are taught to think of life as a straight line from birth to death. But Past Life Regression can make you see things differently. It shows you that life is more complex and goes beyond just what we can see and touch.

In one past life, you might have been a brave leader who won a big battle. In another life, you might have had a hard time with addiction or gone through some major struggles. Even though these experiences are different, they all teach you something and help you grow. A past life regression can bring about a whole new perspective.

Parallel Lifetimes – Happening at the Same Time

Past Life Regression doesn’t just help you learn about lives that happened one after the other. It can also show you parallel lives. These are lives you’re living at the same time as this one, but in different bodies, maybe even in different worlds.

During a Past Life Regression session, when you start to heal from things that happened in one life, you might also start to heal in your parallel lives. This idea can change the way you think about reality. It shows you how everything is connected.

Meeting Old Friends in Past Lives

One of the cool things about looking into past lives is that you might see people you know. As you learn about your past lives, you might find familiar faces. These could be people who have been with you in different lives, playing different parts each time.

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Think about how it would feel to find out your best friend was your brother or sister in a past life, or that the coworker who always gets on your nerves was someone you also had issues with in an earlier life. Figuring out these patterns can help you understand your relationships better. It can even help you solve problems that have been around for a long time.

Learning about your past lives can also make you feel more connected to the people in your life. Knowing that relationships can last through many lives can change how you see things. It can change how you act around others.

Benefits of Exploring Past Lives

Coping with Grief

When someone you love dies, it can be very painful. Past Life Regression can help ease this pain. It allows you to explore past lives you may have shared with the person who’s gone. This reminds you of the strong and unbreakable bond you share. It gives you a different perspective on death and loss, which can help you start to heal.

Connected to a Specific Location

Have you had a feeling of being strangely attracted to a place you’ve never visited before? Some believe this might be because of a past life connection. Past Life Regression Hypnosis could provide clarity about these mysterious feelings, helping you feel more balanced and whole.

Fascinated by a Historical Era

Some people feel a powerful interest in specific historical periods, such as the Renaissance period or the Industrial Revolution. If you have such an interest, it might be linked to a past life. Past Life Regression could help confirm if this is the case.

Feeling Déjà Vu

There are moments when you feel a sense of familiarity with something, even if it’s as simple as a formation of clouds, a crossword, or a brief reflection. This could be a hint of a memory from your past life. Past Life Regression experiences offer a way to delve into these feelings.

Persistent Dreams

If you often have the same dream or if a dream has a significant impact on you, it might be related to a past life. Dreams from our childhood sometimes hold such clues. Past Life Therapy can be of help when interpreting these dreams and possibly link them to past life experiences.

Unexplained Memories

There are times when people recall events that didn’t happen in their current life. These memories can feel just as real as the ones from today, leaving them puzzled. Past Life Regression can provide clarity on these baffling memories.

Seeking Answers

People don’t only explore Past Life Regression out of curiosity. They might also be looking for answers to specific questions about their current life, like “Have I known my partner in a past life?” or “Why does this person irritate me without any obvious reason?”. These mysteries might be uncovered while you explore past lives in a regression session.

The Journey of Souls Across Lifetimes

Rebirth, or the concept that our souls can be born again in a different body after we die, is a belief that’s been around in many cultures and religions for a very long time. It is often associated with the principle of karma, the idea that our actions have repercussions that can affect us.

Reincarnation is a widely accepted belief, and since the 1950s, a technique called Past Life Regression therapy has helped people delve into their previous lives. Studies indicate that a considerable number of people in Western Europe and the USA believe in rebirth.

The concept of reincarnation has always been explored and pondered upon from both religious and philosophical viewpoints. Great minds like Orpheus and Plato, as well as Pythagoras, Socrates, and well-known personalities such as General George S. Patton, Napoleon Bonaparte Benjamin Franklin, and Henry Ford, believed in reincarnation.

Religions like Hinduism and Jainism, as well as Buddhism, and Sikhism centralize the belief in reincarnation in their teachings. But it’s not restricted to just these religions. Some subsets within other religions, like Kabbalah in Judaism, and individuals from a range of religions, also uphold the belief in reincarnation, even if it isn’t a core aspect of their faith.

Comprehending Reincarnation: The Eternal Cycle of Souls

Imagine a soul like a seasoned voyager, embarking on countless adventures through various bodies after death. This captivating idea, known as rebirth or reincarnation, has been ingrained in many cultures and religions over thousands of years. Paired with the principle of karma – the universal law that dictates every action has a reaction – reincarnation delves into the notion of the never-ending cycle of the soul.

Past Life Regression Trained by Brian Weiss

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