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Imagine being able to hike trails, walk through nature preserves, or even cross grassy fields without being petrified that you will encounter a snake.

If you have a fear of snakes, you may often ask yourself questions like –

“I know most people don’t care for snakes, so why is my fear so much worse?”

“Will I ever be able to enjoy the outdoors?”

“How did I become afraid of something that I have never even touched?”

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Fear of snakes is common, in fact, millions of people share this fear. For some people, the fear of snakes is so strong they may shake, cry, panic, and even have trouble breathing. Maybe just seeing a picture of snake is enough to cause them panic. They may be too afraid of snakes to enjoy being in their yard. When your fear causes physical symptoms and prevents you from doing something you want to do, you need to eliminate that fear. Hypnosis helps you do just that.

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Being able to enjoy nature without fear that you may encounter a snake

Seeing a snake and being able to remain calm and in control

Appreciating the function and benefits that snakes provide

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If your fear is out of control and placing limits on your life, then consider fear of snakes hypnosis. Hypnosis works by identifying the specific things that trigger your fear. Odds are it is something that happened when you were a child, which has been stored in the subconscious, and then exaggerated into something more serious or scary then it actually was. Though all experiences are stored in the subconscious and used to influence how you think and behave, some of these experiences get blown out of proportion and cause you to develop irrational fears and phobias. In fact, once the initial event or experience is identified, clients are often surprised that it caused them to have such a strong fear.

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Though some people are aware of the event that caused their fear many people have no idea where their fear came from. It doesn’t matter what has caused the fear, hypnosis gets to the root of the issue and reframes how the mind perceives that specific event. When you are in a state of hypnosis, your mind is deeply focused allowing your hypnotist to access the subconscious to help you identify the trigger of your fear. Your hypnotist can then retrain your subconscious so that it understands that it no longer has to induce the flight or fight response in an effort to protect you from snakes. In fact, through techniques like positive suggestion, we at the NY Hypnosis Institute can retrain your mind to acknowledge the benefits of snakes and appreciate their function.

Fear of snakes hypnosis is a powerful, safe, and highly effective way to overcome your irrational fear of snakes. Hypnosis works quickly to retrain how your mind perceives snakes while eliminating the panic response your subconscious may induce in an effort to protect you. Hypnosis for fear of snakes ends your fear of snakes so that you can enjoy being outdoors and be able to live life without the limitations of fear.

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