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Imagine being completely relaxed as you go to the doctor…

You feel happy, healthy and ready to have your medical check up. If you have a fear of doctors and hospitals, even making an appointment can seem daunting. Some people are so afraid of doctors that they ignore obvious symptoms until their illness spirals out of control.

Do you avoid making appointments for the doctor?

Have you had serious illnesses or injuries that became worse because of lack of care?

Does entering a hospital make you hyperventilate or feel nervous?

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Although you need medical care to stay healthy, it can be impossible to get treatment when you have a phobia surrounding hospitals. This type of phobia can be debilitating when you have an illness. Instead of getting the care you need, your phobia prevents you from seeking treatment. Little problems like the flu or bronchitis can quickly spiral out of control when you do not get treatment.


Feeling healthier because you get the care that you need

Feeing calm and confident about a potential doctor’s appointment

Being able to visit friends in the hospital feeling relaxed

When you have a fear of doctors and hospitals, the thought of visiting a clinic can make you anxious. Fear of Doctors/Hospitals Hypnosis is designed to help with anxiety by increasing the relaxation and calm that you experience. Right now, your subconscious is telling you to be afraid without a reason. For your phobia to go away, you must change the way your subconscious operates. Through hypnosis, you can reduce the fear and anxiety that are holding you back.

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Often, a memory is at the root of a phobia. You may have had a difficult illness or a doctor with a poor bedside manner. Whatever the cause, this memory is preventing you from living your life. It is stored within your subconscious where feelings from the memory well up whenever you think about doctors. You may not even remember the experience consciously, but your subconscious does. In an attempt to keep you safe from harm, your subconscious is creating anxiety as a warning.

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Through hypnosis, you can get to the root of your phobia and change the way your subconscious remembers the event. Hypnosis reprograms your subconscious so that you do not view the event with fear. During the Fear of Doctors/Hospitals Hypnosis session, your hypnotist will make positive suggestions that help to reduce the anxiety that you feel. Afterward, you will be able to feel comfortable and relaxed when you visit the doctor. The memory that is causing your fears will be reframed so that you can release the anxiety and feel completely calm.

Your subconscious is a powerful tool that can work with you or against you. When you have a phobia about doctors and hospitals, your subconscious is limiting your ability to get medical treatment and live a normal life. To escape from this fear, you have to eliminate the negative emotions and memories that you have about doctors. At a Fear of Doctors/Hospitals Hypnosis session, you can take the first step toward living a normal life!

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person




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