Hypnosis for Habit Control

Hypnosis for Habit and Addiction Control NYCImagine being able to live a happy life without the pain of bad habits like lip biting, hair pulling, smoking or nail biting holding you back. You could wake up in the morning without worrying about scratch marks from constant itching or regret from impulse purchases.

If you find yourself struggling to break free from bad habits, you may wonder certain things.

If I bite my nails or pick my nose unconsciously, how can I control it?
How can I stop myself from constantly dealing with bad habits?
Medications and psychotherapy have never worked. Is there something that can?

Most likely, you are already aware of how these bad habits hurt your life. Hypnosis for habit control can make you more aware of the damage that you are doing to your financial, physical and mental health. No matter how hard you try, you are cannot stop biting your nails. You want to quit impulse buying and smoking, but you cannot. Hypnosis to break bad habits can help.

Imagine . . .

Getting up in the morning with your hair and nails intact.
Freeing yourself from medication and therapy.
Living life without hair pulling or lip biting.

There are millions of people who have bad habits. For nail biting, about 20 percent of people will have this habit someday. These people need help breaking bad habits. Hypnosis for habit control can help. When you have a bad habit, it affects your physical health. Nail biting can spread germs. Meanwhile, hair pulling can cause sores and scabs. Impulse purchases affect your financial health. All bad habits stem from one cause: your mind.

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Hypnosis for habit control is not a miracle cure. When you do hypnosis to break bad habits, it changes the subconscious mind. Instead of using bad habits to lower stress, you have new outlets. Hypnosis is the key to habit control.

Unfortunately, many companies prey on bad habits. It seems like there is always a “miracle” cure for sale. These miracle cures fail because they do not target the problem. Your mind is incredibly powerful. The subconscious mind makes you breathe and your heart beat. At times, the mind can go haywire. It starts to think that bad habits are a way to lower stress. To change your habits, you have to change your mind.

New York Hypnotherapy Video Testimonials NYC

During hypnosis, you will focus on the cause of your habit. If it is due to stress, hypnosis helps give you new ways to handle stress. You may be encouraged to take a walk or have a bath. Better ways of handling stress take the place of your bad habit.

Your subconscious mind relearns that the habit is bad. Instead of doing it unconsciously, you realize what you are doing. If you pulled your hair, your mind stops you. Likewise, your mind will prevent you from biting your nails. Any habit that can be learned can be unlearned.

Hypnosis can help you start a new lifestyle. You can develop an aversion to an old habit. Your mind will also be retrained to stop the habit completely.

New York Hypnotherapy Video Testimonials NYC

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