Hypnosis for Nervous Smiling

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Imagine being free of nervous smiling.

Think of being able to speak in public. Consider the possibilities of meeting new people without fear or discomfort. Hypnosis for nervous smiling can assist you with controlling what is really a nervous tic, not a true smile.

Does Nervous Smiling Impact Your Relationships?

Do you fear you will never be able to overcome your nervous smiling? Does a silly grin plaster itself on your face when you are presented with bad news or given some sort of correction? It can be the result of being told to smile politely under all circumstances or it can be an involuntary muscle twitch that pulls your mouth into the shape of a smile. Hypnosis for nervous smiling can help with both.

You might wonder:

Will I ever be able to react normally to sad news?

Why can’t I be normal?

Is there a way that I can respond appropriately in conversation?

Hypnosis works with your unconscious mind, even with those involuntary reflexive responses such as nervous smiling. It can get at the root causes of the “smile,” which might really be a grimace of pain, fear or anger. But because smiling is associated with pleasure, it can create problems for you.

Imagine . . .

Being able to accept correction with dignity.

Responding in a socially appropriate way to sad news.

Being able to give a genuine smile when meeting new people.

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Stress causes nervous smiling. Because you are upset, and a smile is your stress reaction, you smile at the wrong time. People react badly, and this distresses you even more. You wonder what is wrong with you.  Hypnosis for nervous smiling can help you break the cycle so that you can have a normal life.

Hypnotherapy for Nervous Smiling

Hypnosis for nervous smiling can help you learn the triggers for your response. Your mind causes you to pull your facial muscles into something that looks like a smile. Hypnosis can help you learn to develop a more socially acceptable facial expression. This will help you avoid giving the impression that you are uncaring or callous.

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Nervous Smiling is an Involuntary Response

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If you suffer from nervous smiling you’ve heard people say to you “Do you think it’s funny? Are you laughing at me? This is a serious matter!” You’ve watched them turn away in anger or disgust. But nervous smiling is an involuntary response, which means that it is a reaction that is triggered by the way you feel. Hypnosis for nervous smiling can help you retrain your mental commands to your muscles so that you can maintain a properly solemn expression when delivering sad or bad news. You can show an expression that is sympathetic and that conveys compassion. People will no longer think that you are making fun of them or enjoying their pain. This will help you to communicate better and to live a happier life as people respond in a positive way to you.

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