Stop Skin Picking Hypnosis NYC

Hypnotherapy to Stop Skin Picking Hypnosis NYC

Are you Tired of Picking Your Skin and the Scars that they create?

Do hours sometimes seem Like Minutes When You Pick Your Skin?

Everyone squeezes a random pimple or picks at a scab every once in a while, but for some people, skin picking is a constant activity that they can’t seem to stop – no matter how much damage they’re doing to their skin. If your skin has wound up bloody, bruised, and scarred from picking, there is one tool that can help you break the habit and start to look better – stop skin picking hypnosis.

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Most people who pick their skin know that they shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing, and they feel guilty about it. Unfortunately, they don’t see skin picking as a “real” problem. Instead, they just try to make themselves stop. Consciously wanting to stop isn’t enough, though. In order to truly eliminate habitual picking from your life, you have to attack the problem at its source – in your subconscious mind.

As evidence that the subconscious mind is the one responsible for habitual picking, many pickers tend to “space out” while they’re attacking their skin. They think they’ve been picking for a minute or two, when, in reality, several minutes, and in some cases, an hour has gone by! It’s something your conscious mind isn’t even aware of.

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During Stop Skin Picking hypnosis, you will learn more about why your subconscious is so addicted to this behavior. You may discover that this challenge is your subconscious’ way of shielding you from negative emotions. In fact, that’s what causes many people to pick at their skin. Instead of feeling stressed out, sad, or angry, you deal with the pain and discomfort of picking skin.

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If that’s your problem, hypnosis can help – and help quickly. All you have to do is re-train your subconscious to respond with better stress-busters – like going for a run or taking a hot bath. Once your mind learns that there are better alternatives to picking skin, it won’t use it as an emotional crutch.

Stop Skin Picking hypnosis helps diagnose the cause of your skin picking, alters the negative subconscious views that lead to an unhealthy way of dealing with stress and exchanges it for more positive affirmations so you can rid yourself of these unconscious habits. We specialize in assisting clients in conquering this habit.

A New York Overcome Skin Picking Hypnosis session can reframe your thoughts to:

Be rid of your skin picking habit

Introduce healthy alternatives to deal with life’s challenges 

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