Stop Teeth Grinding Hypnosis NYC

Hypnotherapy to Stop Teeth Grinding Hypnosis NYC

Imagine being free from jaw clenching and teeth grinding during the day or night, without using medications, teeth guards, or electrical feedback…. 

If you wake up in the morning with a painful jaw or even find that you clench your jaw during the day, you are probably wondering –

“How can I make myself stop hurting my teeth and jaw?”

“If I am asleep when I grind my teeth, how can I possibly control it?’

“Medications and devices haven’t helped me stop grinding my teeth, is there something that can?”

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You probably already know that teeth grinding, also called bruxism, hurts the muscles in your jaw and can do significant damage to your teeth, and that no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to make yourself quit. Even if you are able to limit how often you clench your jaw during the day, you have no control over this problem at night. It is exactly this reason that hypnosis to stop teeth grinding is the perfect solution.


Waking up morning after morning feeling refreshed and well rested

Being free from wearing dental appliances that can sometimes cause damage on their own

Being liberated from jaw pain

While there are several treatments available to protect your teeth, none work as fast as hypnosis, and none get to the root of the problem – the issues that are causing you to grind your teeth in the first place. Hypnosis for teeth grinding works quickly to stop bruxism because it works in the subconscious part of the mind. Whether your teeth grinding is due to stress or anxiety, or has no known cause, hypnosis can you eliminate this problem. Because the subconscious is aware that you are grinding your teeth, we at the NYC Hypnosis Center can train your subconscious to relax the jaw and prevent grinding.

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Hypnosis is a safe and natural way to eliminate the problem of teeth grinding. It works quickly and has additional benefits. If you are grinding because of stress and anxiety, we at the NYC Hypnosis Center can help alleviate these issues as well. By identifying the triggers that cause your teeth grinding, and changing your subconscious response to them, we can train your mind to release the tension from your face, jaw, and neck while you sleep, so the teeth grinding stops. You (and your partner) will begin to sleep better and wake up feeling rested, no matter what is causing this unhealthy issue.

Hypnosis for teeth grinding is effective because it helps to identify and reframe the negative responses a client has towards stressful events. Most limiting reactions and habits can be traced back to a less than positive experience from the past. By identifying and clearing this event, the unhealthy reaction and habit can be eliminated.

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During your first appointment, talk to us about what you believe to be the root cause of your teeth grinding, so we can incorporate those issues into your customized hypnosis sessions. Because of our tailored programs, teeth grinding hypnosis works faster and more effectively than other treatments. We want you to quickly get back to experiencing peaceful, restful sleep, so you can begin fully enjoying your days.

A New York Stop Teeth Grinding Hypnosis session can retrain your mind to:

  • Stop Grinding Your Teeth
  • Release and Relieve Emotions or Feelings Associated with Stressful Situations
  • Create New Ways to Look at the World Around You
  • Develop New Lifestyle Changes
  • Adapt to Stressful Situations

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