Hypnosis for Addictions and Dependency

Hypnosis for Addictions NYC Hypnotherapy


Being free of the cravings and desires brought on by addiction.

Never disappointing the ones you love when it comes to addiction.

Walking away freely from whatever it is that you’re addicted to.

Mending relationships and regaining the trust of the people you love. 

Succeeding at work or school, no longer being held back by overwhelming addictions. 

Hypnosis for Addictions: Rooted in the Brain 

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According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), addiction is a “complex condition, a brain disease” that creates “compulsive actions,” which can result in harm to the user and others around them. What this means is that addiction starts from the brain. Although most people think addictions are to drugs or alcohol, addictions can happen with other things such as sex, work, food, and gambling. Addictions can occur with anything that a person feels the compulsion to do, even though it causes harm to themselves and others. Many people who suffer from addictions try to stop and can’t do it on their own, even though they can see that they’re hurting themselves and the people they love. 

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Even though a drug addiction and an addiction to pornography have a different focus, the source of the addiction inside the body is always the same—the brain. 

Scientific Evidence

Addiction and dependence on anything starts in the brain, which makes hypnosis for addictions excellent treatment. For example, research done by the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis found that 94% of methadone addicts stay clean after using hypnosis. In 2004, another research project published in the same journal proved that hypnosis has a long-term effect. Subjects in that study (77%) were drug-free one year after having done hypnosis. Because of its effectiveness, hypnosis is now used as a co-treatment for addiction. 

Hypnotherapy for Dependency & Addictions NYC

Addictions are a challenge to defeat through sheer willpower. With the help of hypnosis, recovery can become a little easier. Hypnosis works to beat addictions through the use of memory work and mental imagery. By looking at memories from the past, hypnosis can find the source of the addictions in the brain. Hypnosis for addictions also uses imagery and anchors to produce endorphins — the body’s feel-good chemical and natural painkiller— to reduce withdrawal symptoms and break any addictive holds. 

Hypnosis and Recovery 

Emotions and memories can also affect addictions and dependencies. What makes addiction possible and why it stays can be due to feelings and past experiences. Hypnosis can help to identify and work through those memories, allowing the brain to heal and control the addictions without any emotional baggage. Recovery groups all acknowledge that the more support a person has to overcome addictions, the better the results will be. Hypnosis provides additional support and backup that the brain needs to conquer addiction. 

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If you’re interested in freeing yourself from your addictions and would like additional help doing so, give hypnosis a try. Call our office, and we’ll schedule you with one of our certified hypnotists. Whether you’re contemplating recovering from addiction or have been sober ten years and want to stay that way, we can help. All you need when you see us is an open mind and the will to recover; we can help you with the rest. 


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