Hypnosis for Child Thumb Sucking

hypnosis for child thumb sucking NYC

Imagine being able to get your child to stop sucking their thumb painlessly. Through hypnosis for child thumb sucking, your child can quickly and easily stop their bad habit.

Are you worried about breaking the thumb sucking habit?

Does nothing you do seem to work for your child?

Are you afraid that this habit will hurt your child’s teeth?

The sucking reflex starts as a survival mechanism. Babies need to suck to eat, so they are born with this habit. When a child is little, they will automatically suck on anything. This action soothes and calms the child. Often, babies are given pacifiers to help soothe their cries.

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Unsurprisingly, this habit can sometimes stick around. Even when you take away the pacifier, the child may still use their thumbs instead. Before long, your child has developed a habit that is hard to break. While most children will quit doing it as they get older, some kids never seem to stop. Older kids may even be teased about their habit. If they keep sucking their thumb, it can even affect their tooth development.

Imagine . . .

Being able to easily break your child’s habit.

Giving your child healthier ways to self-comfort.

Using a proven technique that is safe and effective.

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Hypnosis for child thumb sucking is a natural, safe way to break a habit. It uses the power of the mind to change behaviors. Instead of wanting to suck their thumb, your child will find new, better ways to comfort themselves.

Since a child uses thumb sucking for comfort, this habit has to be replaced with something new. During hypnosis for child thumb sucking, the child is given a more effective source of comfort. By doing this, the child is able to deal with anxiety in a healthy way. Hypnosis starts by inducing a state of complete relaxation. In this state, the child is praised and encouraged to give up the habit.

Habits exist on a subconscious level. Children and adults do things because they are used to it. They do not think about what they are doing because the subconscious mind is in charge. When you change the subconscious, you can change the habit. Before long, you can make the habit easier to control.

Hypnotherapy to Break the Thumb Sucking Habit

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For children, the hypnosis session may focus on a good story. An interesting story engages the child’s mind and keeps them interested. During the story, the child is given new, positive habits. Without realizing it, they let go of the habit for good.

Children often suck their thumbs when they feel stress or anxiety. During hypnosis, the child focuses on different ways of handling negative emotions. Hypnosis rewires the subconscious mind so that habits become conscious again. Instead of automatically sucking on their thumb, they realize what they are doing. The subconscious mind prevents them from doing the habit. They develop an aversion to the habit. Before long, they have broken free of the habit and have a healthier way of dealing with life.

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