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Imagine a life free of anxiety and obsessive checking

Compulsive checking is an uncontrollable urge to check on things or engage into repetitive rituals at least 1 hour per day. However, do not worry, because by admitting that you have it, you have taken the first step towards treatment

Do you feel a constant need to go and check something again and again?

Have you ever wondered if compulsive checking is normal behavior?

So, most of your time is wasted having to continuously check on things out of paranoia and anxiety… How about checking that door lock at nights or maybe compulsively check if you have switched off the stove properly? 

Imagine if you can get rid of all these compulsions once and for all. Wouldn’t that feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders?  I am sure it will be a huge relief when you get rid of all those unnecessary worst-case scenarios playing in your head over and over again. 

Do You Ever Find Yourself Asking These Questions?

What is wrong with me? Am I losing it? 

You may think that changing your habits might make you lose control over things. You are certain something bad might happen if you have not checked your door locks or your stove properly.

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“Have I really locked the front door?” “I think I locked it, but is it locked properly?” Let me check. And you check and re-check, as you turn to go to the room, you turn and check again. You are frustrated because you know you just checked, but you cannot control the urge. 

Remember, You Are Not Alone, and Many People Suffer In Silence Their Whole Lifetime.

Almost all people suffering from Obsessive checking, also known as Compulsive Checking, ask these questions and face similar challenges on a daily basis. These challenges are the result of their innate fears.  Fear of harm or an accident waiting to happen, fear of losing control… 

Imagine being free of the shackles that have been holding you down all your life till now. 

Imagine a life free of checking and re-checking

Being Free of Any Thoughts Related to What You Used to Check Over and Over

Hypnosis deals with the subconscious mind, which allows you to find out the root cause of your problem. 

Did you know your subconscious records everything happening in your surroundings? Even when you are not noticing, your mind is taking notice of everything said or done around you, your hypnotist taps into this ability of your mind to find out what triggered your compulsive behavior. 

Hypnosis will replace all the negative thoughts that lead to your compulsive behavior and replace these thoughts with positive feelings and thoughts. This will put you back in control of your actions and enhance your self-esteem and inner confidence. 

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Hypnosis Is Safe and the Most Natural Solution to Your Obsessive Checking

In hypnosis, we can identify the experience a client witnessed or experienced directly and change the way the mind perceives that experience.

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For example, if as a child you were in the middle of a fire incident, may be saw someone suffering a fire injuries or saw your mother check the stove multiple times before going to sleep; any of these events could trigger repeated checking of the stove.

Where did it come from? Your unconscious mind might have perceived that something horrendous is going to happen if you do not check you stove. So, all this behavior is a negative perception of a remotely related event.

In hypnosis, this memory would come up spontaneously. We can then use various hypnotic techniques to let this go (change the way the unconscious mind perceives this event) which will in turn allow three clients to be free of constantly checking the stove.

As your certified hypnotist, I will direct your mind to focus inwards and heighten your power of concentration.  I will use hypnosis to retrain your mind to perceive all the compulsion, triggering events differently and more positively, so your compulsion is gone for good.

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