Hypnosis for Nose Picking

Hypnosis for Nose Picking Hypnotherapy NYC

Imagine being free of the embarrassing habit of nose picking. Hypnosis can help you or your child move beyond the nose picking habit once and for all.

Nose picking can have physiological causes which could be excessive amounts of hardened mucous or chronic stuffy nose. But if you have addressed the causes and you or your child still pick at your nose you might need help. There is a good chance that picking your nose is a habit you’ve developed to relieve stress or to address boredom. Hypnosis for nose picking can help you create a better habit for coping with stress.

Do you Worry About Nose Picking?

Do you fear you will never be able to stop picking your nose?

Are you embarrassed when someone sees you?

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Nose picking sometimes occurs in response to dried, hardened mucous inside the nose which can cause irritation. However, picking at the mucous with a fingernail can do two things: it can introduce contaminants from your fingers to your nose making the problem worse and it can irritate the lining of your nose perhaps even causing nosebleeds. Often mucous forms in your nose as a response to irritated or dry sinuses. If trying over-the-counter remedies for the irritation doesn’t bring relief, and your doctor cannot find a physiological cause, then you or your child might be using nose picking to relieve stress. Sometimes nervous picking can cause extensive damage to the inside of your nose, but the picking gives you something to do with your fingers. It gives you something else to think about besides whatever it is that is causing you stress. While nose-picking might seem to reduce your stress, it could be harming the inside of your nose or introducing unwanted bacteria into your system. Hypnosis can help you overcome the compulsion to pick your nose.

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Hypnosis for Nose Picking

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Imagine never having to worry about picking your nose in public! Hypnosis for nose picking is designed to target the root problem. Like any bad habit, picking your nose is directed by the mind. Over time, your mind has learned to respond to stress through nose picking. You may do this without knowing it. When you are talking on the phone or surfing the web, you start to pick your nose. This can spread bacteria and hurt your nasal health. You may also feel ashamed when caught nose picking in public or if nose picking causes your nose to bleed.

Hypnotherapy for Nose Picking

Hypnotherapy for nose picking can help you change bad habits. A nervous habit is something that you do without thinking. Each time you do it, the action pattern is more deeply ingrained in your mind. With hypnosis for nose picking, you replace your nose picking habit with a better solution for managing your stress, while you and your doctor find ways to cope with the symptoms that cause the itchy stuffiness. Hypnosis for nose picking can help you to think about something else or engage in a different activity, something that won’t make you feel embarrassed.

Free yourself today from this embarrassing habit with hypnosis!

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