Internet Addiction Hypnosis NYC

Internet Addiction Hypnosis Social Media hypnotherapy NYC

Imagine going days without accessing the internet or social media free of feeling anxiety or stress…

If you are addicted to social media like Twitter or Facebook, or even to the internet in general, you may wonder –

“How did I get more online friends than real friends?”

“I tell myself that I am going to be productive, but then I spend most of my day surfing the web. How can I stop?”

“Why can’t I just ‘disconnect’?”

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Looking forward to being with your ‘live’ family and friends

Being motivated to do more things in the real world

Enjoying being productive at home and at work, without the stress and anxiety an addiction brings

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Internet and social media addictions are much like any other addiction in that they are driven by subconscious thoughts and feelings. Though you may tell yourself that you will not give in to your addiction, you probably find it nearly impossible to go very long without checking status updates or Twitter feeds. If your job requires you to be online, this can make battling your compulsion even more difficult. These digital addictions can take up huge amounts of time and energy, and you may find that taking just one minute to check a feed ends up taking hours of your day. Hours that you could have spent with friends or family, or being productive at work. Though internet addictions don’t give you the high or chemical rush that drug addictions give, feeling the instant reward that comes with digital engagement can actually trigger the pleasure center of our brains to release dopamine, the body’s natural feel good chemical.

Hypnosis can help reprogram your mind and facilitate behavioral change.

The NYC Hypnosis Center 4 Step, Overcome Internet Addiction Hypnosis Program will help you to

  • Identify Why You Surf the Web instead of Being Present
  • Formulate a New Lifestyle Plan
  • Assist in Reprogramming the Way You Think About Surfing the Web
  • Teach you Self Hypnosis for Daily Reinforcement

Fortunately, hypnosis for internet or social media addiction is a fast, easy way to overcome your addiction and eliminate addictive behaviors. By reprogramming your subconscious, your hypnotist can help you eliminate your addictive behaviors, find healthy and positive ways to fill your time, and help you get back to enjoying life again.

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In addition, chances are something in your past is to blame. However, it’s not uncommon for the subconscious mind to blow things out of proportion, so you may not even remember the past event that has led to your current social media habit!

During a New York Hypnosis overcome internet addiction hypnosis session, you can identify the event from your past that has been blown out of proportion. We can then reframe the way your subconscious mind perceives that event, allowing the addiction to be released. Essentially we will teach your subconscious mind that those negative past experiences no longer need to impact you in an unhealthy way.

Hypnosis helps replace the negative subconscious thoughts which trigger your addiction, with more pleasant and positive subconscious thoughts and feelings. The NYC Hypnosis Center specializes in helping clients overcome internet addiction.

Hypnosis is a natural state, that when achieved, allows your hypnotist to access your subconscious mind. When you watch a movie, read a book, or focus on a project at work and lose track of time, you are experiencing hypnosis. Once a client is guided into hypnosis, we at the NYC Hypnosis Center can then give positive suggestions directly to the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis for social media and internet addictions is a safe and natural way to overcome this dysfunctional behavior and get back to enjoying being productive at work, and spending time with family and friends.

A New York Internet Addiction Hypnosis session can retrain your mind to:

Create an Aversion to Surfing the Web 

Provide you with the Opportunity to Be More Engaged in the Real World 

Enhance the Appeal of a Substitute for Web Surfing

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How does an Internet Addiction Hypnosis Session help?

The inner mind, also known as the subconscious mind, controls your automatic responses both positive and limiting. Limiting responses include irrational fears, overeating when bored or stressed, negative self-talk, unhealthy cravings and addictions. Furthermore, it includes emotional triggers in relationships, fear of competition or failure, stress that can trigger medical symptoms, performance anxiety including intimacy, low self-esteem, and seemingly uncontrollable habits. 

Hypnosis is a completely natural state that allows for access to a client’s subconscious mind. Even though clients typically feel relaxed, they are aware and in control. After being guided into hypnosis, personalized and customized positive suggestions are given to your subconscious mind to address your unique challenge. 

Often the challenges we face are the result of difficult or traumatic life experiences.  These events from our past can trigger addictions or can cause us to find unhealthy ways to distract ourselves from life’s stresses, like loneliness, boredom, sadness, work related pressure, or financial obligations. The opposite can be true as well. Food and alcohol can be used as a reward and subconsciously connected to social, work, or family gatherings.

An irrational fear is often the inner minds way of protecting us. A fear of flying may be the result of a turbulent flight or a scary amusement park ride. A lack of self-esteem may have been triggered by a teacher saying, “you will never amount to anything”. 

In hypnosis, we can help to identify the experience that triggered your addiction, fear, habit, lack of confidence, performance issues, and/or unhealthy cravings. Once identified, we can change the way you view this experience and let it go.

We use a variety of hypnotic techniques that help you to overcome your unique challenge and move forward with your life. 

The first session includes an intake and hypnosis to address your issue. The intake includes answering any questions you might have, explaining how hypnosis works, and discussing the exact nature of your problem so that we can target the unique aspects of your challenge. 

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person




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