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Hypnotherapy for Binge Eating Hypnosis NYC

Imagine being free from the emotional compulsion to binge eat and having the desire to engage in healthy alternative ways to deal with emotional issues…

When you are struggling with a compulsion to binge eat, you probably ask yourself –

Why do I reach for food when I am stressed or bored?

How can I stop eating when I do not always even know I am doing it?

I tell myself I am not going to overeat, so why do I keep doing it?

If you are a compulsion eater, you know that you have never sat down to dinner with the intention of overeating, yet there are times when you are driven to do so. This is because binge eating is a compulsive desire guided by your subconscious mind. Though you may tell yourself you’re not going to binge eat, you probably find it does little good, because your conscious mind has little influence over the power of the subconscious.


Being free from your compulsion to binge eat forever

Engaging in healthy alternatives to binge eating when you feel emotional or upset

Living a positive lifestyle that reinforces your healthy goals

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Binge eating hypnosis is a powerful tool for overcoming compulsions because hypnotherpay works directly in the subconscious mind. By entering a state of hypnosis, your hypnotist will be able to help you identify what triggers your compulsions to binge eat. Odds are, the trigger is some event, thought, feeling, or situation you experienced in your past that is stored in the subconscious and is influencing your behaviors today. Though you may not remember the situation or event, it is stored, as is everything you have ever experienced, in the subconscious mind. Once you enter a hypnotic state, your hypnotist will be able to help you identify this situation and event and teach your mind how to view it in a more objective, adult manner. By changing how your subconscious perceives the event, you will be able to release its power and influence over your life today.

Is Hypnosis for Binge Eating Effective?

Many studies have proven that hypnosis is very effective for weight loss, binge eating, and emotional eating. One study showed that participants who used hypnosis lost double the weight compared to others who did not. You can also watch NYC Hypnosis Center Video Testimonials for Binge Eating and Weight loss.

Binge Eating Video Testimonial

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 Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

How does Hypnosis prevent you from Binge Eating?

Hypnosis teaches your mind to be on the lookout for harmful binge eating triggers, and disregard or refuse them. If you have built patterns of thinking that lead you to overeat, hypnosis changes those patterns — giving you a healthier way of looking at food. Here are some positive thinking patterns you can learn through hypnosis:

Mindful Eating teaches your mind to be more aware and thoughtful about the experience of eating. 

Breaking Habitual Thoughts trains your mind to stop unhealthy thinking patterns that surround binge eating and replace them with more positive habits.

Repairing Underlying Conditions targets those root causes like a lack of confidence, issues with food insecurity, depression, or anxiety. 

Restoring Confidence heals the broken self-confidence that is either the root cause of binge eating or the result of years of failed attempts at stopping binge-eating. 

Aversion Therapy and Hypnotherapy teaches the mind to stop craving foods that aren’t healthy for your body. Through aversion therapy, your mind will no longer look for foods that it once wanted so relentlessly, like fatty foods, sugary snacks and drinks, and rich desserts. 

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You may turn to food for comfort when you have experienced a bad day, feel lonely, or even to fill some void in your life. Hypnosis is effective at eliminating the compulsion to eat and training your subconscious to desire healthy, positive activities that will not leave you feeling guilty, depressed, or ashamed. Your hypnotist can retrain your subconscious to deal with stress or emotional pain with a long walk, or a hot bath, or enjoying a hobby that you may have always had an interest in, like painting, woodworking, or playing a musical instrument.

How Do Your Thoughts Reinforce Food Addictions

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Although binge eating isn’t necessarily healthy — it’s not the primary issue. What matters is the reason why binge eating occurs in the first place. These underlying reasons for binge eating are called “root causes.” And for most food disorders like binge eating, the root causes are typically related to memories or emotions. 

These root causes are deeply ingrained in our minds and are difficult to change on our own. We’ve spent years giving in to them, after all. For example, perhaps you grew up in a large family in poverty, with very little food to go around. You were always in fear of being hungry. You then begin to overeat as an adult. 

Although food is the central theme, the actual root cause is the fear of not having enough food. Your root causes for binge eating might be different, but they’re what drives you to binge. 

Even positive memories can affect our behaviors toward food. Many of us associate parties and celebrations with food. Growing up, you may have earned ice cream cones for making positive grades in school. As a successful adult, you may find yourself overeating often because there’s so much about your life to celebrate. 

We’re typically unaware of what triggers events of overeating or cravings. Our subconscious mind houses food disorders like binging, and the triggers occur without our conscious knowledge. The subconscious response is quick and automatic, leaving us feeling confused and helpless over our eating habits. 

If the root causes and triggers for binge eating and other eating disorders are subconscious, then how can we hope to treat an eating disorder? How can we fight something we don’t even know exists?

One way to master binge eating is through hypnosis. The subconscious mind can be trained, and hypnosis can do so directly and effectively. Through hypnosis, you can change your thinking patterns and create newer, healthier ones!

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Is Hypnosis Safe?

Hypnosis for binge eating is completely safe and natural and works quickly to eliminate negative behaviors that may be undermining your goals for a healthy lifestyle. Hypnosis helps you achieve weight-loss goals, and enhances your self-esteem so you are free to explore healthy alternatives to release stress, sadness, or emotional pain. Hypnosis helps you live a more affirmative life that is based on healthy, positive actions and beliefs.

Can hypnosis sessions be done remotely, via Skype?

The NYC Hypnosis Center offers sessions on FaceTime as well as Skype.

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