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Does every part of your day involve drinking alcohol or thinking about when you can have a drink?

Do you use alcohol to deal with stress and anxiety?

Are you never able to stop at “just one drink”?

Do your celebrations always have to include alcohol?

If so, you probably realize that you have a problem with alcohol.  Even if you’re aware of the problem,  it’s not something that you can handle with willpower alone.  After all, that’s why they call it “white knuckle sobriety”; you’re only hanging on by a thread.  You are trying to use a conscious solution to fix a problem that lies deep in your subconscious mind.

That’s why hypnosis for alcohol addiction is so effective; it’s the only tool you can use to gain access to your subconscious.  Other treatments may focus on the mental aspects of your drinking, but no other method can access your subconscious mind to make a permanent change.

Hypnosis can help reprogram your mind and facilitate behavioral change.

The NYC Hypnosis Center 4 Step, Overcome Alcohol Addiction program can help you

  • Identify Why You Drink
  • Formulate a New Lifestyle Plan
  • Assist in Reprogramming the Way You Think About Alcohol
  • Teach you Self Hypnosis for Daily Reinforcement

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

When you use hypnosis to stop drinking alcohol, you actually change the way that your subconscious mind perceives things.  Right now, your subconscious relies on alcohol.  It believes that alcohol is the only thing that’s going to get you through a stressful day, and that alcohol is so important that you can’t possibly unwind or celebrate without it.

So, how do you change your subconscious’ way of thinking?

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During hypnosis for alcohol addiction, you will teach your subconscious to rely on other, more positive things.  For example, your consulting hypnotist may teach your subconscious to crave exercise when things get rough, or to talk to a loved one when you need to “vent” – instead of just hitting the bottle.

You may also work to teach your subconscious that you are smart enough and funny enough to have a good time without alcohol.  That way, when you go out for a night on the town with your friends, your subconscious will not automatically think that you need a buzz to have a good time.  Instead, your subconscious will have enough faith in you to know that you’re capable of having fun without the mask of alcohol.

During an alcohol addiction hypnosis session, you may be instructed to visualize various positive scenes.  While you are deep in your hypnotic state, your consulting hypnotist may tell you to picture your life without alcohol.  You may visualize all of the good things that can come from an alcohol-free life – like waking up without a hangover, not blacking out, and not risking your health by driving drunk or drinking so much that you wind up with liver damage.

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Hypnosis is a natural state, that when achieved, allows your hypnotist to access your subconscious mind. When you watch a movie, read a book, or focus on a project at work and lose track of time, you are experiencing hypnosis. Once a client is guided into hypnosis, we at the NY Hypnosis Institute can then give positive suggestions directly to the subconscious mind.

In some cases, something in your past is to blame. However, it’s not uncommon for the subconscious mind to blow things out of proportion, so you may not even remember the past event that has led to your current addiction!

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During a New York overcome alcohol addiction hypnosis session, you can identify the event from your past that has been blown out of proportion. Your hypnotist can then reframe the way your subconscious mind perceives that event, allowing the addiction to be released. Essentially your hypnotist will teach your subconscious mind that those negative experiences from your past no longer need to impact you in a negative way.

We will identify the feelings and triggers you experience so that the suggestions given to your subconscious mind will be tailored to your specific challenge. With the combination of regression and suggestions the addiction can be eliminated in just a few sessions.

A New York Overcome Alcohol Addiction Hypnosis session can retrain your mind to:

Create an Aversion to Alcohol

Enhance the Appeal of a Healthy Substitute for Alcohol

Improve Your Ability to Overcome Stress

Develop New Lifestyle Changes

Minimize the Importance of Alcohol Related to the Way You Feel

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