Hypnosis to Stop Chewing Tobacco

hypnosis to stop chewing tobacco NYC

Imagine no longer having to dip whenever you’re feeling anxious.

Addiction to chewing tobacco results in unsightly teeth and gums and can cause throat and lung cancers. If your habit is to chew tobacco you’ve probably asked yourself:

Why do I keep using chewing tobacco, even when I can see it’s destroying my gums?

How can I keep from feeling tense, without using chewing tobacco?

Why does chewing tobacco make me feel so relaxed? 

These last few decades consisted of strong campaigns against smoking. Chewing tobacco and other smokeless options have not experienced the same kind of focus. Combine this lack of focus with the glamorization of chewing tobacco by athletes, and we’re left with a large population of people —mostly male—that are addicted to chewing tobacco. 

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An addiction to chewing tobacco can result in receding gums, bad breath, and discolored teeth. It can also cause mouth or throat cancers. These cancers can be challenging to treat and may require oral surgery or even removal of the lower jaw or tongue. Even knowing this, tobacco addiction is so strong that willpower alone may not be enough.

Why is it so difficult to stop chewing tobacco?

The addiction to chewing tobacco can stem from the nicotine within tobacco, but much of the addiction also lies in the act of chewing itself. The pleasure of having something in your mouth and the repetitive activity of chewing creates a bad habit that’s a challenge to break. 

Imagine a life free of your chewing tobacco addiction

Hypnosis can do more than get you over the withdrawal stage of addiction. As difficult as it, overcoming withdrawals from tobacco is only a fraction of the effort needed to quit. The rest requires the mind to break free from old ways of thinking. With hypnosis, you don’t have to be conscious of every choice to show willpower. Instead, hypnosis trains the mind to spot triggers before you put the tobacco in your mouth.

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How to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis in New York City

Why is hypnosis a good option for breaking the habit?

For people who dip, hypnosis addresses the most critical part— the psychological and subconscious reasons behind the choice to dip. Hypnosis identifies what those triggers are and replaces them with positive mental responses. By reframing how the mind views triggers, chewing tobacco addiction can become a thing of the past. 

What happens during a hypnosis to stop chewing tobacco session?

During hypnosis, a certified hypnotist places a client in a deep, relaxed hypnotic state. While relaxed, the client is always aware and in control. During the session, the hypnotist will identify the unhealthy triggers with the patient. Through various techniques, the hypnotist provides the clients inner mind with positive cues and prompts that help keep them from returning to the habit of chewing tobacco.

Is there any scientific proof that hypnosis works?

It may be difficult to believe that something which sounds so simple like hypnosis can have such long lasting effects. However, a 2007 study performed by the American College of Chest Physicians found hypnosis patients to have longer lasting success than patients who had nicotine replacement therapy. The mind is powerful, and hypnosis is able to tap into that strength. 

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Are these Sessions available online?

Turn things around in your battle with chewing tobacco. Don’t let nicotine win! If you’ve been searching for an effective way to break free from tobacco, give us a call. We are happy to see in our office or via Skype or FaceTime.

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Our certified hypnotist will work with you to block triggers and avoid severe withdrawals. Hypnosis to stop chewing tobacco is the key to a healthier you. Make an appointment, and we’ll get you on the path to a nicotine-free existence!