Overcome Heroin Addiction Hypnosis NYC

Heroin Addiction Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy to Overcome Heroin Addiction Hypnosis NYC

Imagine being able to handle stress and negative situations without experiencing heroin cravings…

If you have a heroin addiction, it may feel normal to crave drugs when you are in a stressful situation. By modifying your response to the addiction and addictive behaviors, you can reduce your desire to use and increase the success of your sobriety.

Does using drugs interfere with your social life and family?

Have you tried to quit, but gave up because of the withdrawal effects?

Are you tired of always craving more frequent, larger doses of heroin?

Are you ready to live a happier, healthier lifestyle?

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A drug addiction is not caused by a lack of willpower or weakness. Despite what you see in the movies, an addiction is only caused by the way your mind reacts to heroin. When you use drugs, your subconscious is retrained to seek out that drug to experience the same euphoria and sense of relaxation. Over time, this becomes an automatic behavior. Even if you possess the best willpower in the world, you will have a problem quitting because your subconscious has been trained to expect that drug. Fortunately, it is entirely possible for you to change the way your subconscious reacts to heroin.


Quitting heroin without any cravings or withdrawal effects

Being able to live a happy, healthy life

Enjoying a heightened focus on your career and family life

No longer suffering from the financial drain of an addiction

While traditional counseling and 12-step programs can help, they do not address the heart of the problem. You have to reprogram the way your mind remembers the addiction and seeks out drugs if you want to end your drug abuse problem. Through hypnosis, you can work directly with your subconscious to transform your behaviors, memories, triggers and cravings.

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In the Overcome Heroin Addiction session, your hypnotist will guide you through past memories about your addiction. They will work with you to identify the emotional triggers and situations that lead you to relapsing. Throughout the session, your old memories will be reframed in your subconscious. This process will enable you to break free of the memories that are trapping you within your addiction.

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Beyond changing your memories and habits, hypnosis can alleviate the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that you experience. Withdrawal symptoms are caused by your subconscious mind’s expectation of heroin. Normally, your subconscious experiences an endorphin boost and a sense of euphoria when heroin is present. When you quit, the lack of heroin causes your mental state to drop and withdrawal effects to begin. By reshaping the way your subconscious handles endorphins and other mental signals, you can reduce the cravings that you experience and alleviate your withdrawal symptoms.

Throughout the course of the Overcome Heroin Addiction hypnosis session, you will be guided toward healthier behaviors. Instead of craving heroin when you are under stress, your mind will begin to crave a relaxing walk, meditation or a hot bath. To end your addiction today, contact us for more information about the Overcome Heroin Addiction sessions available.

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