Video Game Addiction

Hypnotherapy for Video Game Addiction Hypnosis NYC

Imagine being able to break free from the computer or game system so that you can be productive as well as enjoy your life. Video game addiction hypnotherapy can help you free yourself of this time consuming addiction.

When you are addicted to video gaming, other parts of your life are stagnant. You stop spending time with your family and friends as your addiction takes hold. Everything seems less important than video games. To overcome video game addiction, you need extra help.

Sometimes, you may find yourself wondering the following questions:

“Why do I neglect my family and friends?”

“Is video gaming hurting my potential at work?”

“Am I psychologically addicted to video gaming?”

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Video gaming is like any addiction. Initially, you develop a tolerance. You need to play more and more to get the same fix. Before long, you go into withdrawal when you are not playing. You may think obsessively about the game and become irritable. Other parts of your life become less important. You may neglect your work, your family and your personal grooming. Nothing seems to matter more than playing video games.

Imagine . . .

Being able to live a happy, normal life.

No longer experiencing a compulsion to play video games.

Enjoying your family and friends.

Focusing and developing other important parts of your life. 

Video game addiction hypnosis can help you overcome video game addiction. Your desire to play video games is rooted in your subconscious mind. When you play, your mind feels a sense of euphoria. Endorphins are released that make you want to play more and more. When you stop playing, you develop withdrawal symptoms like agitation and irritability.

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To stop the addiction, you have to break free of the cycle. Video game addiction hypnosis uses a completely natural mental state. In this deeply relaxed mindset, you are able to rewire your subconscious mind. Over time, your mind has developed a bad habit. It turns to video gaming to feel normal. When you work with the subconscious mind, you can break the habit.

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Video game addiction hypnosis targets the root cause of the addiction. It helps your mind identify triggers. Instead of feeling irritable when you do not play video games, you feel calm and relaxed. In place of your urge to play games, you suddenly want to take a walk, visit with friends or engage in healthy activities. Your mind unlearns the habits that are encouraging your addiction.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for retraining your mind. Your subconscious is responsible for your thoughts, feelings and desires. Normally, you cannot directly target the subconscious. In deep hypnosis, you access this aspect of your mind. You are suddenly able to train your mind to respond the way you want to.

With video game addiction hypnosis, you can break free from your addiction. You can enjoy your life, meet new people and work toward your dreams. Instead of being limited by an addiction, you are able to do what you want in life. You stop feeling irritable or anxious when you cannot play video games. Now, your life is back in your control.

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