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Imagine being a whole, happy person without needing drugs to feel normal…

Although marijuana has a reputation for being a “safer” drug, the effects on your social life, professional goals and health are far from safe. Your mind can develop an addiction to anything that stimulates endorphins in your mind, which is why quitting pot can be so difficult.

Have you tried quitting before and failed?

Do you feel like you have to smoke pot before social events or stressful workdays?

Are you tired of spending all of your money on drugs?

Traditionally, addicts enrolled in drug rehab centers or 12-step programs to get help. These techniques can be helpful, but they are not always enough to treat an addiction. When you are addicted to something, your habits and subconscious mind are shaped by that addiction. To end the addiction, you must be able to transform your subconscious mind so that you can change your habits.

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How to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis in New York City

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When you are addicted to a drug, you may experience withdrawal symptoms or cravings when you try to quit. These physical symptoms are caused by the working of your subconscious. Your mind expects drugs to function, so it creates unpleasant physical symptoms to demonstrate this need. Traditional treatments do not change what your subconscious wants, so they are not always effective.


Being able to feel confident and happy at social events

Having the motivation and desire to pursue your dreams

Saving money by quitting drugs

Freedom from cravings for marijuana

How does Stop Smoking Pot hypnosis work?

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Since an addiction is based in your subconscious, you have to treat it by targeting your subconscious mind. Hypnosis is designed to work with your subconscious to uncover the triggers, emotions and memories that are fueling your addiction. Often, a traumatic event or difficult experience causes an addiction to take hold. Although you may have been unaware that these feelings or memories existed, your subconscious is aware of them. Your mind must be re-programmed so that you perceive this negative event in a more positive.

During your Stop Smoking Pot hypnosis session, you will be able to identify and reframe the event that is fueling your addiction. At the same time, you will be given suggestions that change the way you experience potential relapse triggers. In just a few sessions, you will be able to create an aversion to marijuana, focus on a new lifestyle, change the way you react to stress and enjoy healthy substitutes for pot smoking.

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Hypnosis is not a “white-knuckle” approach to quitting drugs. Your addiction is not based on having poor will power. Instead, it has been caused by the cravings created in your subconscious. To end your addiction, you must change the way your subconscious responds to cravings and trigger events. In addition, the hypnosis session will help you to find better ways to manage stress and tension in your daily life.

You deserve to live a healthy, happy life. Over the years, a drug addiction can spiral drastically out of control. To get help with quitting, sign up for a Stop Smoking Pot hypnosis session today.

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