Hypnosis for Childbirth

Hypnosis for Childbirth New York City

Imagine being able to reduce your pain and feel calm with hypnosis for childbirth.

In some cultures, women who give birth are honored like warriors who win in battle. While our culture might not do the same, it makes sense that women would get this honor. Childbirth is painful and intense. The only thing worse than the pain is the anxiety about how it will feel. By using hypnosis for childbirth, you can change how your body perceives pain.

“Are you worried about the pain of labor?”

“Do you want to give birth naturally?”

“Do you want to make your birth a happy, positive experience?”

Hollywood does not make labor seem pleasant. In movies, women are screaming in constant pain and stress. Whether you are giving birth to your first or fifth child, there is a way to make labor less painful. Hypnotherapy for childbirth, also known as “Hypno-Birthing”, can help you take control of your birth experience.

Imagine . . .

Being calm and in control during labor

Coping easily with each contraction

Feeling happy and self-possessed as your baby is born

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Hypnosis for childbirth is all about creating the right mental state. Your body is controlled by the mind. If you can rewire how the mind perceives pain, you can change your childbirth. This process uses self-soothing techniques and visualization to make you relaxed. It gives you a flexible, calm control.

Through hypnotherapy for childbirth, you can boost your endorphin levels. This chemical is known to make you feel happy and calm. Hypnosis can also help you relax your muscles. You are able to control where your mind chooses to focus. Instead of absorbing the pain, you focus on having your child in your arms. You are able to ride the waves of pain without letting them touch you.

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By training your mind, you can create a sense of control and outward peace. You become calm and in control. Instead of fearing the birth, you are ready to embrace it. With hypnosis for childbirth, you shift the pain to a neutral state. You reprogram how the mind deals with the symptoms.

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Giving birth is a beautiful experience. In a few hours, you are able to hold your baby in your arms. If you are in constant pain or stressed out, it harms that moment of love and bonding. All of these feelings of pain, stress and anxiety exist in just your mind. Your body sends the mind signals, but your mind does not have to hear them. If you can rewire your mind, you can ignore the signals of pain or stress.

Hypnosis is a natural method to reduce pain. Research studies show that it can give you pain relief in a surgery or natural birth. Your mind is trained to control the process. Throughout the birth, you feel a sense of calm and peace. The pain is still there, but you are the one in control of it. Through hypnosis, you can reduce the pain you feel and have a happier, more peaceful birth.

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