Postpartum/Postnatal Depression

Hypnotherapy for Postpartum/Postnatal Depression Hypnosis NYC

Imagine feeling happy again…

When you suffer from postpartum depression, getting out of bed seems impossible. You feel exhausted and guilty. You want to be a good mother, but apathy and depression hold you back. Through hypnosis for postpartum/postnatal depression, you can take your life back again.

When you suffer from postnatal depression, you may find yourself wondering:

“Why can’t I be happy like the other moms?”

“Will I always suffer from guilt and shame?”

“Why can’t I get out of bed and enjoy life?”

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Depression is not just a case of the baby blues. This mental condition changes everything about your life. You no longer want to get out of bed or enjoy your favorite hobbies. Hanging out with friends and family seems like too much work. All you want to do is sleep and stay at home. You feel lonely, but you cannot motivate yourself to do anything. Postpartum depression might be very common, but you do not have to live with it.

Imagine . . .

Being excited to wake up in the morning.

Loving each moment you spend with your little one and family.

Feeling energized, happy and relaxed.

Getting to enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities again.

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Through hypnosis for postpartum/postnatal depression, you can take back your life. Postnatal depression affects about 10 percent of new moms. It tends to start after you leave the hospital. Sometimes, it is caused by hormone changes. Other cases are caused by a lack of a support network. Moms might doubt how their mothering ability. They may be depressed if they do not connect with the baby right away. Before long, these doubts and fears create a cycle. The mom feels guilty about her depression. This makes her even more depressed.

Hypnosis for Postpartum/Postnatal Depression

Depression is based in the mind. It rewires how the mind works and creates a negative pattern. If you can break the pattern, you can escape from depression. Hypnosis helps to reframe how you think about life. It can break the patterns of the mind so that you feel calm and happy again.

Medication only treats the symptoms of depression. It does not remove the underlying cause. If you want to break free of depression, you have to change the cause. Your mind is the root cause of your thoughts and feelings. If you can retrain the subconscious mind, you can overcome your depression.

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During hypnosis, you can change the beliefs, fears and desires that drive your depression. Your mind is a database that stores all of your feelings and memories. In hypnosis, you can work to reframe these memories. Your hypnotist helps you find the initial sensitizing event. Then, you work to change how your mind perceives the event. Before long, you gain a calm, positive outlook on life.

This natural state is like when you lost track of time while reading. In this relaxed state, you work directly with the subconscious. You retrain it to let go of the past so that you can start enjoying your present.

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