Overcome Insomnia and Sleep Restfully Hypnosis NYC

Hypnotherapy to Overcome Insomnia and Sleep Restfully Hypnosis NYC

Imagine enjoying a full and restful night’s sleep, each night, naturally and without taking medications.

If you have regularly have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you have probably asked yourself

“How can I shut my mind down so I can sleep?”

“I feel so tired, so why can’t I just fall asleep and stay asleep?”

“I’m afraid to take sleeping pills. Isn’t there some way I can get some sleep without worrying about side effects or residual grogginess?”

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Millions of people are affected by insomnia or other sleep disorder at some point in their lives. Many more suffer from chronic insomnia. When you can’t fall asleep at night, or unable to stay asleep, you know that it affects just about everything you do and has a serious negative impact on how you feel. Maybe you can’t shut your mind down at night and spend hours tossing and turning while thinking about what you have to do the next day or about some problem that you can’t seem to fix. Maybe you feel like you’re fighting falling asleep all day only to wake up at night. Whatever the reason you can’t sleep, hypnosis can help.


Eliminating the issues that are causing your sleep disorder

Getting a full and restful sleep each night

Feeling more energized and healthy each day

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Today with the near constant interference of technology, the mind becomes trained to remain constantly wake and aware, ready to answer a text, message, or email. Just because your body may feel worn and tired doesn’t mean your mind is able to ‘power down’ and allow you to sleep. This ‘mind chatter’ phenomenon is becoming a widely occurring issue. To overcome insomnia, sleep hypnosis quickly identifies the triggers that are causing you to stay awake, and then retrains how mind perceives them. If the root cause for your insomnia stems from a childhood event, hypnosis can teach your subconscious that it no longer has to fear that event. If it’s ‘mind chatter’ that it preventing your sleep, hypnosis can reprogram your mind so that it can relax and begin to shut down through bedtime routines that will allow you to prepare for and then achieve a full night of restful sleep. Through several other techniques, like visualization, we are able to help you relive some positive sleeping experience that will help your mind release the pent up stress and strain that is keeping you awake.

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How does Hypnosis help you Overcome Insomnia?

Sleep hypnosis works quickly to alleviate your sleep disorder, no matter what is causing it. Hypnosis is safe and completely natural, and feels much the same as when you ‘get lost’ in a book or movie. Hypnosis allows your mind to focus inwards so that your subconscious is open to positive suggestions and retraining. Hypnosis for sleep eliminates the power of negative past experiences and the near constant mind chatter that may be affecting your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Hypnosis to overcome insomnia allows you to achieve restful nights so you can be your best each day.

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