Hypnosis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hypnosis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome NYC

Do you constantly feel this overwhelming sense of exhaustion?

Are you too tired to focus on your work or family? 

Do you wake up incredibly tired even if you slept eight hours or more? 

Do you have difficulty concentrating, experience brain fog or just cannot focus? 

Chronic fatigue syndrome can reak havoc on your every day life. It can affect your work performance, your important relationships and leave you feeling frustrated at having difficulty even doing the simplest tasks. You are not alone. This condition affects approximately 17 million individuals globally. Although the cause is largely unknown, some believe the condition may surface after suffering from a viral infection. 

Hypnosis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

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The severity of chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms varies from person to person. Some can function with support from others when they are struggling. Your symptoms can range from mild to severe. If the condition is more severe, you can feel very helpless unable to perform daily life activities, spending lots of time in bed or possibly using a wheelchair. Hypnosis for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) can help address the emotional toll of this condition. Hypnosis is highly effective in managing many of the symptoms of this condition. It is no surprise that CFS can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. 

Some symptoms may include

Exhaustion after minimal physical or mental exertion

Cold like symptoms including headaches and sore throat 

Challenges with focus and memory

Feeling dizzy when getting up, being sensitive to light or sound

Not able to get a restful night’s sleep 

Experiencing muscle and joint pains and aches. And more… 

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Hypnotherapy for chronic fatigue syndrome can help to minimize or control a variety of the symptoms. The process of hypnosis involves a deep sense of relaxation while under hypnosis. While in that state, you are more open to shifts in your perspective. Hypnosis can lessen the stress and anxiety associated with your condition. It can shift how you view your condition and the emotional components you struggle with. Through various relaxation techniques, hypnosis for CFS also enhances your ability to get a restful night’s sleep. Anyone with sleep challenges, understands how significant this improvement can be. Hypnosis for CFS is also highly effective in improving concentration and focus along with pain management. 


Feeling a better sense of control over your fatigue 

Being able to engage in more physical and social activities, enjoying daily activities that felt impossible to do before

Feeling the satisfaction of lifting your mood, rather an intense ongoing sadness 

Being able to concentrate and focus better, not living in this constant brain fog 

Managing your pain more effectively

How Hypnosis Works 

During hypnosis for chronic fatigue syndrome, the hypnosis practitioner guides you into a state of relaxation. While in this state, the hypnotist is able to access your subconscious mind which is responsible for your feelings and strongly held beliefs are housed. In this state, with the help of hypnotic suggestions, guided imagery, your mind can shift your negative beliefs into a more positive perspective. It can minimize those feelings of anxiety and depression associated with your condition. Furthermore, you can have greater control over your condition. 

Studies on Hypnosis for CFS 

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There are multiple case studies utilizing hypnosis for chronic fatigue symptoms with strong results. In one such case, the patient was hospitalized with ten weeks of bed rest and his symptoms were still debilitating. The other case involved an individual that had been suffering with CFS for over a decade and another for several years. Another study focused on combining therapy with neurotherapy for a participant in his twenties. 

Hypnotic suggestions, guided imagery and teaching self-hypnosis was able to alleviate symptoms like the ability to control the fatigue, mood elevation, pain management and increased social activities. Furthermore, improvement in cognitive functions were also identified. The condition can be debilitating and affect many aspects of daily life. Hypnotherapy for chronic fatigue syndrome has been effective in managing a broad range of the symptoms, giving individuals a better sense of control over their condition. 

Data supports that hypnosis is highly effective in managing pain, improvements in concentration, cognition, mood elevation, controlling fatigue and a variety of symptoms that are associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Many have tried other treatment options, some with little to no improvements. Imagine that self of relief over being able to control your condition better and get back to engaging in the activities you enjoy. 

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