Hypnosis for Tourette’s Syndrome

Are you frustrated because you can’t control your Tourette’s Syndrome?

Do you feel self-conscious when you start to experience facial tics or uncontrollable eye blinking?

Do you wish you had more control over your symptoms? 

Some of the more common symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome are facial tics like continuous eye blinking, repeated head jerking or stomping of the foot, as well as uncontrollable exclaiming of offensive words or repetitive sounds. It can be very frustrating, embarrassing and/or difficult for someone with Tourette’s Syndrome. Although it is believed to be intensified by stress, it can be unpredictable nonetheless. Hypnosis for Tourette’s Syndrome has been studied and utilized as a viable treatment option to uncover the actual cause and control the symptoms.

How Hypnosis Works

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Data shows hypnotherapy for Tourette’s Syndrome has been highly effective in identifying the root cause of the stress that can make symptoms worse. Furthermore, it helps to overcome some of the deep seeded issues that drive it. Addressing the underlying reason is key to treating the condition. When an individual is guided into hypnosis, the person is awake and in a very relaxed state. This is calming for someone with Tourette’s. Relaxation techniques are incredibly important for conditions that are heightened by stress. 

TS and Stress Relief

Under hypnosis for Tourette’s Syndrome, the practitioner is able to access your subconscious which is where your memories are housed; those you may not be consciously aware of. This allows you, with the help of a hypnotherapist, to tap into the cause of your stress that heightens the symptoms. These events and triggers are then reframed unconsciously, which helps to reduce or eliminate motor or verbal tics, excessive blinking, and jerking movements.


Having the tools to take control of your condition rather than having it take control of you

Being free from your facial tics even in stressful situations

Your overall sense of relief and happiness 

Hypnosis for Tourette’s Syndrome

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Hypnosis is highly effective at relieving stress and anxiety. The relaxed state while under hypnosis is essential to creating a much needed sense of calm for the individual with Tourette’s syndrome. That relaxation state while tapping into the subconscious, can be coupled with imagery and concentration exercises. In these exercises, the client may be asked to imagine the moment before the tic starts and tune into that specific feeling. With the hypnosis practitioner, the client will focus on exercises to control and stop the tic before it actually begins. 

Hypnotic suggestions, guided imagery and various techniques are used to:

·       Redirect that pent up energy prior to when the tic begins 

·       Minimize and control your symptoms through self-hypnosis

·       Develop the ability to achieve a relaxed state on your own 

·       Provide you the tools to take control of your condition rather than have it control you

Findings Support Hypnotherapy for Tourette’s Syndrome

A study in The Journal of Development and Behavioral Pediatrics showed a 96% success rate with hypnosis for TS (Tourette’s Syndrome).

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Essentially the findings indicated a reduction in symptoms, increase in tic control, quality of life and overall satisfaction after only three hypnosis sessions. All the subjects had motor tics while some also had verbal tics as part of their condition. 

In one case study, a student had a very pronounced coughing tic. The teacher asked the student to leave the class for a week because she felt it was impacting the other students learning. After three hypnosis sessions, the child had control of the tic and could resume his studies. A follow up after five years, showed the child was still able to control the coughing tic. 

In another fascinating case study, it took 9 sessions to calm Tourette’s Syndrome with hypnosis. What’s so interesting about this case is that the tics essentially disappeared. Six months later, this individual was accepted into the Air Force. Furthermore, there was no indication of the exam report that this individual had Tourette’s. This individual was able to fulfill his dream to go into the Air Force. 

Hypnotherapy for TS (Tourette’s Syndrome) can be highly effective in determining the underlying cause of your stress and providing you with tools that help gain control over the tics before they start. Studies have shown remarkable results in minimizing symptoms and improving overall quality of life. 

Medical Hypnosis for Tourette’s Syndrome NYC