Hypnosis for PMS Cramping Relief

Hypnosis for PMS Cramping Relief NYC

Does premenstrual cramping impact your ability to work and take the joy out of precious time with family and friends? 

Is the pain in your stomach or back so strong from cramping that you can’t even function? 

Does your premenstrual syndrome make you depressed and anxious, making it difficult to be around your family and friends?

Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome PMS 

On a monthly basis the uterus sheds the lining which in turn affects the oxygen that goes to the uterus creating cramping pains. Many women experience different symptoms, some weeks before their menstrual cycle while others a couple of days beforehand. Some are physical while others are emotional in nature. The symptoms may include anxiety, changes in mood, feeling down or depressed, weight gain, cramping that may vary in severity among other symptoms. Although the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome vary from person to person, for some it can really affect your ability to engage in and enjoy daily life activities. Hypnosis for PMS cramping relief has shown effective in addressing symptoms that impact your quality of life month after month. 

Data supports various hypnotic techniques including relaxation has provided relief and improvement of 60% in severe PMS symptoms.

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How Hypnosis for PMS Cramping Relief Helps

Hypnosis addresses the physical and emotional components of PMS discomfort. After being guided into a relaxed hypnotic trance, the inner mind is reprogrammed to reduce or eliminate cramping and discomfort. Cramping creates stress and stress aggravates PMS symptoms. Hypnosis for stress relief is also utilized to provide relief. The unconscious mind responds to positive instructions given by a skillied hypnosis practitioner that include suggestions for mood enhancement, comfort, and peace.


Experiencing relief from Period pain

Being free from anxiety and mood swings

Easily concentrating regardless of the time of the month

Scientific Studies that Support Hypnosis for PMS Cramping Relief 

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A University of Medical Sciences conducted a study of 90 female students randomly divided into different groups. The group that was provided with hypnosis for PMS cramping relief and other symptoms saw significantly favorable results. The control group without hypnosis did not see any improvements. When comparing improvements of pain within the hypnosis group versus those receiving pain medication (NSAIDs), the decreases in pain with hypnosis were longer lasting. 

Another study looked at hypnosis for pain due to cramping combined with cognitive behavioral therapy for those that experienced dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea refers to experiencing cramps and pelvic pain associated with menstruation. The group that received hypnosis for pain and cognitive behavioral therapy proved effective in pain reduction for participants.

Hypnosis for PMS Depression 

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There was a fascinating study that compared the use of cognitive behavioral therapy to hypnosis for PMS depression. The study found that hypnosis was equally effective to cognitive behavioral therapy in reducing depression. The Beck Depression Inventory which is very frequently used, was utilized to establish a baseline and measure depression results after the treatment. In the university study referenced earlier, hypnosis created a sense of calm in the participants. The impact of hypnosis for relaxation had a positive impact on mental health and some of the physiological responses associated with stress and anxiety. Observations were made that the heart rate decreased and there were changes in hypertension and muscle tension. Hypnotherapy for depression results were very positive. 

Data supports the effectiveness of hypnosis for a variety of symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome. In fact, we reference a comprehensive study that shows it’s equally effective to cognitive behavioral therapy.

Hypnosis can help… 

Relieve the stomach cramping 

Reduce your anxiety so you can enjoy social engagements and precious time with loved ones

Concentration and focus so it doesn’t affect your work or school 

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