Hypnosis for Overactive Bladder Relief


Hypnosis for Overactive Bladder Relief NYC

An overactive bladder can impact individuals at any age. It can significantly affect one’s quality of life. One may give tremendous weight to their condition in deciding whether to do basic life activities like going out, taking long drives, or going on a date somewhere where there may not be a bathroom close by. An individual can be consumed with a constant worry about bladder control. Hypnosis for Overactive Bladder Relief can help address the urge to use the bathroom along with the other symptoms.

Does the sudden urge to urinate limit your activity?

Does your need to urniate keep you up at night?

Do you worry about leakage?


For most individuals, they have a sense of control over their bladder function and can wait until a bathroom is available. If someone has an overactive bladder, the signals to the brain are flawed and there’s an urgency even if the bladder is not full. 

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An overactive bladder may present itself as strong urgency to urinate, a very frequent need to urinate, the constant need to urinate at night or such a strong need that you urinate before reaching the toilet. Generally speaking, people urinate every few hours. One with an overactive bladder can urinate as frequently as every hour. It can greatly impact your ability to sleep soundly during the night. Your concern about potential embarrassment can prevent you from wanting to go out or being very selective where you go. 


Now having to worry where the nearest bathroom is

Having restful and uninterrupted sleep

Being Free of the embarassment associated with leakage

Hypnosis for Overactive Bladder Relief 

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You may consult with your primary care physician to see if there are medical issues causing this and if medication can help. If no underlying issues are identified, then you should consider hypnosis for overactive bladder relief. Although there are medical issues associated with overactive bladder, there is also data that demonstrates a strong correlation between anxiety and depression to overactive bladder symptoms. If the condition persists, it may potentially lead to other issues including social phobias, insomnia, an impact on one’s self confidence, and a fear of going outside. 

Studies show success with hypnotherapy for overactive bladder relief combined with behavioral therapy. Hypnotic suggestions and imagery have been used to reduce the anxiety, relax the pelvic muscles and promote healing. A study showed 3 times as many participants using hypnosis for overactive bladder relief had a relief in symptoms compared to other group. 

During hypnotherapy for overactive bladder relief sessions, the emotional component along with the symptoms are identified. Relaxation techniques, guided imagery and positive suggestions are some common techniques that address the anxiety and symptoms. Hypnosis for urinary incontinence addresses problems urinating before reaching the toilet. It can cause embarrassment and affect one’s confidence. It can also address sleep deprivation that can affect so many aspects of your life, productivity and level of happiness. While under hypnosis, one is more open to treatment because this process taps into the subconscious mind. The subconscious is where these underlying belief and patterns are held. 

Clinical Trial Data on Hypnosis for Overactive Bladder Relief

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A 3 year long study conducted by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine found that Hypnosis is equally effective in treating the symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence as currently offered medications and medical treatment. The participants were divided into two groups; one that received a general treatment plan that included pelvic exercises to perform, a diary and what is referred to as bladder drills. The other group received the same treatment coupled with three hypnotherapy sessions. The results showed a greater improvement in quality-of-life assessments for the group that had the benefit of hypnotherapy sessions.

Another study focused on behavioral therapy versus hypnotherapy with their subjects. Results indicated the hypnotherapy participants showed significantly greater improvement in terms of quality-of-life measures than the behavioral group. Although both showed levels of improvement it was greater with the hypnotherapy subjects. Overactive bladder impacts close to 20% of women and medication can have side effects and can be costly. These results show the need for more extensive trials to continue to show the effectiveness of hypnosis as a natural treatment option. 

Guided Imagery for Interstitial Cystitis 

Over a million individuals suffer from urinary frequency, urgency and pain in the pelvis referred to as interstitial cystitis. During this study, one of the groups listened to guided imagery twice daily for eight weeks. The other group focused on rest twice daily for eight weeks. The guided imagery group findings showed a significant decrease in pain and urgency. Guided imagery is natural and, in this study, shown to be highly effective for the participants. 

Hypnosis for overactive bladder relief has shown favorable results. It can lead to a host of other unpleasant symptoms if left untreated. Hypnosis is a natural and effective way to take control of your bladder issues and not let them run your life decisions and behaviors.

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