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Swimming above and beyond your personal best with ease.

Feeling cool and collected during competitive meets.

Blocking distractions out of your head and swimming “in the zone.”

If you’ve struggled during swimming competitions or feel that you’ve plateaued in your progress, then you’ve probably experienced these thoughts…

“Why do I perform so well during practice, and then do so poorly when I compete?”

“How can I overcome this feeling of fear and anxiety when I’m swimming?”

“How can I focus my mind on my goal, rather than get distracted?”

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High-performance swimming requires stamina, endurance, focus, and discipline. Every millisecond counts. The body must be efficient and streamlined, with no wasted movements. Any communication delay between the mind and the body can compromise performance. This delay can sometimes occur when anxiety overcomes a swimmer. 

Competition always includes some feelings of anxiety. Anxiety initiates the body’s stress response, which gives that boost of energy to compete. Unfortunately, anxiety can also cause athletes to “choke”—underperforming during a critical situation. Once a swimmer chokes, it can affect consecutive competitions if emotions aren’t dealt with. Choking can become chronic and difficult to overcome. A sense of defeat and helplessness can lead to overall poor performance. Confidence gets shattered. Anxiety can set in. 

To succeed, competitive swimmers must control their anxiety, keeping just enough to have an edge, and disregarding anxiety that hinders performance. 

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How does Swimming Excellence Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis can help swimmers to control their anxiety and get into “the zone,” allowing the focus to hone in on everything it takes to win and nothing else. Hypnosis bypasses the clutter and targets your subconscious, training it to respond to “cues” and place the rest of the mind and the body into the zone, ready for competition. 

Swimming Excellence Hypnosis can also assist with feelings of anxiety that lead a swimmer to choke. By unraveling emotions from past experiences, hypnosis can unburden swimmers from feelings of unworthiness and fear. A swimmer can experience the adrenaline rush of competition without coming up against the solid wall of anxiety once they enter the water. 

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Swimming is supposed to make you feel free and quick. Unfortunately, past experiences can affect a swimmer’s instinct for speed. Negative memories can make a swimmer feel tethered and held back. It can slow a swimmer down without the person ever realizing it. Swimming Excellence Hypnosis can identify and reframe those memories, cutting those restraints and allowing a swimmer to move forward with the speed they need. 

Instead of feeling dread and fear while you’re on the block, thinking about the water, hypnosis can get you to a competitive level of relaxation. The hours put into practice and warm-ups are recalled by the mind, and the body responds by doing what it was trained to do automatically. Water parts as you enter, and everything else falls away. 


Entering the water in a tight streamline, with nothing in your head but the confidence and the determination to win. 

Surpassing your personal best and achieving your goals without any doubts. 

Automatically executing the perfect form and top distance that you’ve trained hard to do. 

Let our certified hypnotist bring out the high-performance competitive swimmer you know you can be. We can help you uncover the power of your mind and body, focus on improving, and sharpen your competitive edge. Set an appointment and let us show you a better way to get in the zone—and stay there. 

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