Stop Obsessing Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy to Stop Obsessing Hypnosis NYC

Do you find yourself obsessively thinking about someone?

Do you feel anxious and distracted?

Does closure over the loss of a close family member seem impossible?

Are you in a relationship that you know is unhealthy?

Do you feel like you cannot let go or move on?

Types of Obsession

Whether it is an ex-love, a current relationship, or an intense crush, obsessing over someone can lead to undo stress, anxiety, and sadness. People obsess over others for many different reasons. Some have amazing physical chemistry but know deep down that the person they are with is not good for them. Others feel like they want a second chance with their ex even though the other person is ready to move on. For still others, they might feel as though they need closure due to a death of a spouse or an unwanted breakup. Finally, repetitive thoughts can be triggered by worrying obsessively about close family,

Are you preoccupied over the death of a loved one?

Are you overprotective, or fear something bad will happen to a family member?

Has your ex blocked you because you text and call so much?

Breakups are an unfortunate part of life. While being with someone can make you amazingly happy, separating is never easy. For many people, the emotional turmoil from a break up is overwhelming. You want to move on. The question is: how?

What Science Tells Us is Happening when we Fall in Love

For a person who is obsessed, just being with that love interest can feel intoxicating, almost like a drug. Being in love is more about the chemicals that are released in your brain, than the emotions you feel. When you fall in love dopamine is released which causes you to feel aroused, happy, and excited.

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Phenylethylamine and norepinephrine are also released which makes us feel giddy and focused attentively on the object of our desire. These chemicals activate the reward system in the brain in almost the same way that they are activated in drug addiction. This is why we can feel addicted to, or obsessed with, a romantic partner. 

Subjects who were part of a scientific study were shown pictures of their past romantic partners while in an MRI. Their reward systems activated which explains why people can feel addicted to ex-lovers long after the relationship is over. 

Why Willpower Rarely Works

Imagine for a moment that I ask you to not think about red sports car. Whatever you do, do not think about a red sports car. What do you imagine or visualize in your mind? A red sports car! 

When you tell yourself to stop thinking about your ex, your child, a lover who is not right for you, or your spouse who passed away, you wind up thinking even more about them. The best way to stop these obsessive thoughts and feelings is with hypnosis because it taps into the mind where these chemicals are released, and your emotions are triggered. 

Imagine . . .

Rebuilding your confidence

Moving forward in life

Being able to sleep comfortably again

Looking forward to the future

Feeling Sure That You Deserve Better

Being Free of Obsessive Thoughts

Leaving the Past in the Past

Easily Thinking Rationally and Logically

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Hypnosis to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

Hypnosis taps into the unconscious mind naturally. It is a relaxed, as well as focused state, that most of us experience multiple times every day. Common trance states include when you lose yourself in a project and time seems to fly by or when you get emotional watching a movie.  In both examples, you are awake but intently focused or immersed in what you are doing. 

In hypnosis, your unconscious mind can be programmed to stop obsessing over someone. It can help you see things from a different and healthier perspective. Because you see things more rationally, you can either leave the past in the past or let go of limiting obsessive thoughts about someone in your life. 

It is normal to feel depressed or anxious after a breakup. You may feel like you can never be happy without your ex. Moving on and enjoying life seems impossible to do. Stop obsessing hypnosis can help you live life again.

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Hypnosis can change the way you feel about yourself by boosting your self-esteem. As opposed to thinking that “I’ll never find another love” you realize that “There is someone out there who is perfect for me”. You can realize and feel that you deserve to find the person who is right for you. 

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For you to feel confident and happy again, you have to retrain your mind. Obsessive thoughts have to be removed. In their place, hypnosis gives you positive feelings and a new perspective. You feel closure faster, so you can move on. Suddenly, it is possible to forget your ex and enjoy life again. You sleep better at night. Exercising and eating healthy matter again. Friends you ignored are important once more. Life takes on a deeper meaning because the way you approach it has changed. You are finally ready to forget your ex.

Stop obsessing hypnosis can change how you view the world. Instead of seeing the world as a dark, dreary place, you will feel happy again. The negative thought patterns are released. Your subconscious is trained to focus on the positive. With hypnosis, your self-esteem gets a boost. You feel more confident and able to deal with problems head on. With your new perspective, your heart is finally able to heal.

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