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Press Release – NYC Hypnosis Testimonials Designed to Give New Insight into Hypnosis

Summary:  The New York Hypnosis Institute is using video testimonials to help people learn more about the process of hypnosis.

The New York Hypnosis Institute, a New York City-based company that offers hypnosis treatments in more than 20 different specialty areas, is showing people what hypnosis sessions are really like, thanks to the video testimonials on its website.

All of the New York Hypnosis testimonials were recorded by satisfied customers who have eliminated bad habits, overcome phobias, or learned more about their past lives through hypnosis.  Each of the clients showcased in the video testimonials describe their problem, talk about going to the New York Hypnosis Institute for the very first time, and give a detailed description of their hypnosis sessions.

As one client describes it, “You find yourself – when he’s talking to you – you find the words really hitting you… This light comes on in your mind, like a light bulb.”

During another video testimonial, one woman explains how two hypnosis sessions helped her overcome a fear of flying that had plagued her for 10 years.

Officials at the New York Hypnosis Institute hope that people who might be thinking about trying hypnosis will watch these video testimonials, learn more about how the process works, and will initiate the process to overcome a current challenge they face.

The New York Hypnosis Institute also hopes that these video testimonials will help clear up some of the misconceptions about hypnosis.

“It wasn’t at all, initially, what I thought it would be,” explained one of the clients featured in a testimonial.  “I initially thought that he was probably going to have a watch and swing it around in front of my face, and maybe I wouldn’t remember what happened… It wasn’t anything like that at all.  Actually, it was really relaxing.”

So far, the video testimonials cover a variety of topics, ranging from stop smoking hypnosis to the effectiveness of fear of flying hypnosis, to the merits of a past life regression.  New video testimonials will be added on a regular basis, so that people can get an inside look into the New York Hypnosis Institute’s work.

To see the NYC Hypnosis testimonials, visit  For more information, contact the New York Hypnosis Institute at 877-800-6443.

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Company Name: NY Hypnosis Institute LLC

Contact Name: Eli Bliliuos

Address: 241 West 30th Street New York, NY 10001

Phone number: 877-800-6443


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