Noise Sensitivity Hypnosis

Noise Sensitivity HypnosisImagine being able to go to a concert and enjoy the music playing around you along with the sounds of the crowd. Noise sensitivity hypnosis can help you remain calm and at peace in noisy environments.

When you suffer from noise sensitivity, being in crowds can cause distress. The noise is uncomfortable, and you can’t remain in a crowd for long. Instead of enjoying a concert or art class, you find yourself stuck at home in silence. Before long, your noise sensitivity starts to control your life.

If you suffer from noise sensitivity, you may find yourself wondering the following things:

“Will I have to put up with this forever?”

“Why do certain sounds cause intense discomfort?”

“Why am I sensitive to noises that no one else even notices?”

Learning to overcome noise sensitivity is not easy. Known as misophonia, noise sensitivity can make your life difficult. Certain sounds cause emotional distress and pain. You decide not to go to parties or fun events because the noise is too much for you to bear. Over time, this hurts your relationships, your job and your life. You limit the places that you go because you cannot bear the sounds.

Imagine . . .

Being able to relax easily when you hear loud sounds.

Enjoying large events like concerts and parties.

Being able to do what you want instead of limiting yourself.

No longer worrying about the sounds around you.

Noise sensitivity hypnosis is designed to reduce your sensitivity to sounds. Right now, it feels like you cannot do anything to stop the discomfort. Instead of living your life, you plan your day around the noises that will happen. You carry noise-canceling headphones to make life easier, but these headphones keep you from experiencing the world. Luckily, you do not have to live this way forever.

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Hearing is actually a product of the ears and mind. Your ears only receive the sounds. It is your mind that processes these noises. Because of this, noise sensitivity hypnosis can help you overcome this challenge. It changes how your mind processes noises. Hypnosis can retrain your automatic responses. It quickly helps you process sounds in a new, more comfortable way.

When someone has misophonia, the emotion center of the mind activates. To stop this from happening, you have to retrain how your mind works. Noise sensitivity hypnosis targets the emotional center of your mind to stop this response. Hypnosis identifies trigger sounds that cause your body to fill with anxiety or anger. With hypnosis, your mind learns how to respond calmly to these triggers. You can relax and enjoy life without your brain overreacting.

Instead of avoiding trigger noises, you change the negative response in your mind. Your subconscious learns to de-focus your hearing to filter out trigger noises. You develop a relaxed, calm mental state. Instead of feeling anxious about potential triggers, you relax and know how to deal with them.

The root cause of noise sensitivity is in your mind. Noise sensitivity hypnosis rewires the mind so that you no longer suffer from loud noises. You are able to relax and enjoy life without worrying about the noises you will encounter.

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