Memory Related Sessions

Hypnosis Memory Related Sessions


Possessing the self-confidence and perseverance to pursue your aspirations.

Having mastery over your most significant fears.

Feeling composed and collected during challenging situations.

Projecting the magnetism and charisma of the person you want to be.

What keeps you from fulfilling all that you imagine? Whether the answer is fear, self-hatred, or traumatic events from the past — the real answer lies within your mind. Much of what we are afraid of or feel hurt by comes from memories within our minds.

Do you often wonder these same thoughts?

“Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over with my life? “

“Why do I hate myself/ my father/ my mother/ my boss?”

“Why can’t I stay in a long-term relationship?”

“Why do I sabotage my goals?”

“What do I have to do to stop worrying all the time?”

“How can I get over the hurt from my past?”

Knowing the answer to those questions can change your life for the better. Imagine being free from all the unknowns that are holding you back. Imagine having the answers you need about yourself and your past. Imagine breaking away from old habits and letting go of yesterday’s pain. 

Imagine finding answers to the nagging questions that have been holding you back.

Imagine uncovering the source of the pain stemming from a past life, and letting that pain go.

Imagine identifying the cause of your self-doubt and learning to conquer it.

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The mind is beautiful, complex, and built in such a way that we can experience and easily house countless memories. Each day and every experience is kept by the mind, filtered, and organized. The mind also decides what it keeps (conscious memories) and shelves (unconscious memories). Nothing in the mind is thrown away, only shelved onto another level. 

Unfortunately, the mind isn’t perfect. Memories are seen through the filter of the state of mind and the age we are at the time an event occurred. Sometimes, the mind shuts away information it should remember, perhaps like our first heartbreak or our deceased mother’s voice. Or the mind may persistently remember painful events that we would rather file away, as in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Memory Related Sessions – Hypnosis

Because memories are so significant, these glitches in memory can prevent us from healing or growing. Sometimes the mind needs help organizing memories on its shelves. A technique used in hypnosis, called regression and memory work, can help review and reorganize memories.

Regression and memory work are used to travel through time, retrieving or exploring valuable information. By making these memories available, the memories can be better understood, enabling you to overcome trauma or to see situations in a different light. Regression and memory work also allow a person to gain control over any bad habits or emotions, like smoking, substance abuse, anxiety, or fear. When used for therapy, regression and memory work can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Regression can also include past life regression and life between lives regression, which goes even further than memories of your current life. Past life regression allows you to remember previous existences before the life you’re living now. Life between lives regression includes the periods the mind spends between physical forms. We may be unaware that we carry information from these past lives into this one. Understanding these past lives can help to explain current fears or limitations that don’t seem to have any connections to your present life. 

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Being able to reach lost memories or past traumatic events may sound scary, but very often, when those memories are retrieved, they become much less threatening. During regression and memory work, memories can be examined with fresher eyes and a more mature outlook. The demons of our past can become harmless shadows, and irrational fears can become manageable.

Memory Related Sessions using Hypnosis and techniques like regression and memory work can help you locate the answers you need move forward. More often than not, the answers to your most vital questions are within your mind. 

Contact our our offices to unlock the information you need, helping you meet your full potential. Performed in a safe and relaxed environment, our regression and memory work can help you locate those answers and give you the life that you deserve.




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