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Hypnosis_to_Overcome_Jaw_Clenching_NYCHypnosis to Overcome Jaw Clenching/Bruxism

Imagine a discomfort free life as you are free from jaw clenching…

When you have bruxism, it can cause constant teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Whether you are constantly aware of it or not, you may be clenching your teeth subconsciously. Even with electrical feedback, medication or nighttime teeth guards, you may be unable to stop.

Do you wake up each morning with an extremely painful jaw?
Have you tried using medication and devices, but discovered that they never work for you?
Do you discover yourself clenching your jaw without meaning throughout the day?
Are you afraid that you cannot control it because you are asleep when you grind your teeth?

Bruxism is an extremely common experience. Most people do not realize the dental damage, jaw pain or muscle aches that are caused by bruxism. Even when you are trying your hardest to stop clenching your teeth, you may find it impossible to stop. Your bruxism is caused by your subconscious, so it is extremely difficult to stop through your conscious mind. Due to this, you have to work directly with your subconscious to change your behaviors and quit grinding your teeth.


Being able to enjoy a life free of jaw discomfort
Waking up every morning feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed.

Medical science has several treatments available that can prevent damage, but none of these work as effectively as hypnosis. The problem is not caused by a physical ailment. Instead, bruxism is caused by the way your subconscious operates. Hypnosis is effective because it works with your subconscious to change your habits. Instead of grinding your teeth when you are upset or anxious, you will develop newer, healthier habits.

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Your subconscious is trained through your experiences and thoughts to act a certain way. Even if you do not consciously remember it, there is often a trigger event at the heart of your subconscious that is causing your bruxism. It could have been a traumatic childhood experience, long-term stress in a job or something so insignificant that you no longer remember it. Whatever the trigger event was, it is being stored in your subconscious and changing the way you behave.

You may not be able to identify the event, but we can. During your Hypnosis to Overcome Jaw Clenching/Bruxism session, your hypnotist will induce a state of deep relaxation. While in this state, we can work with your subconscious to find the event that led to your bruxism. We can then reframe or add context to the event to change the way your subconscious perceives it. At the same time, we can help your subconscious accept positive suggestions that will let you enjoy a peaceful, relaxing night of sleep.

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Teeth grinding can limit your ability to get the sleep that you need each night. More importantly, it can harm your teeth and ability to process nutrients over time. With Hypnosis to Overcome Jaw Clenching/Bruxism sessions, you can break free from dental appliances and pain. Enjoy the sleep you deserve by trying out Hypnosis to Overcome Jaw Clenching/ Bruxism today.

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