Hypnosis to Stop Your Gag Reflex

Hypnosis to Stop Your Gag Reflex Hypnotherapy NYC

Imagine sitting calmly in a dental chair, while the hygienists gently cleans your teeth. 

It can be difficult to stop your gag reflex, when a gag reflex is very sensitive, Having a strong gag reflex can make the simplest oral hygiene tasks feel miserable, leading to poor dental health. If you have a strong gag reflex, then you’ve probably thought:

Do I have a strong gag reflex because I’m afraid of the dentist?

What can I do to make dental procedures more tolerable?

Is there a way to keep myself from gagging each time I thoroughly brush my teeth?

Having a Strong Gag Reflex 

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Most people have a gag reflex. This gag reflex is nature’s way of keeping humans from choking on objects. For some people, this natural gag reflex can be extremely sensitive and strong. Any time something unfamiliar enters their mouth, their gag reflex gets triggered. This makes them cough or feel like vomiting, even with the slightest touch. For some people, the mere thought of something foreign in their mouth starts their gag reflex. 

Having a strong gag reflex can make going to the dentist and brushing teeth a miserable experience. No one looks forward to going to the dentist. However, most people are able to sit through the experience without problems. For people with very strong gag reflexes, though, going to the dentists is a hurdle each and every time. Some may even avoid the experience altogether, resulting in many dental problems. Unfortunately, dental issues found in the mouth can also impact the rest of the body. Bacteria in the mouth, especially from gum disease, can find their way throughout the body. These germs can cause inflammation in the heart and lungs. 

Imagine smiling with flawless teeth and fresh breath!

Hypnosis Can Help Stop Your Gag Reflex 

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If your gag reflex prevents you from getting adequate dental care, then hypnosis may be able to help. Hypnosis can help you overcome your strong gag reflex in a number of ways. If a traumatic past experience is triggering your gag reflex, then hypnosis can help your mind manage the traumatic memories. Hypnosis can also create a sense of safety and calm during dental procedures, helping you endure dental work. 

Hypnosis can also create a numbing sensation in your throat to prevent your gag reflex from being triggered. Research indicates that hypnosis is a safe and effective method to treat people with strong gag reflexes. A case report published in 2016 indicated that hypnosis is not only safe and effective, it was user-friendly as well. Î

Let Us Help You Stop Your Gag Reflex 

Dental health is essential for your body’s wellbeing. If you’d like to get yourself into a dental chair without fear or frustration, hypnosis might be the key to doing just that. Our certified hypnotist will help you discover the cause of your strong gag reflex and change your mind’s approach to dental work. Your wellbeing is vital. Don’t let your gag reflex get in the way of a long and healthy life. Call today and schedule a hypnosis session in our offices. We also offer remote video call sessions. Let us help you create a new and healthier you! 

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