Hypnosis to Boost Your Immune System

Hypnosis to Boost Your Immune System NYC

Imagine rarely getting sick by using hypnosis to boost your immune system..

If you often find yourself getting sick, you’ve probably wondered…

How can I make my immune system stronger naturally?

Why does my body get sick whenever I feel stressed? 

A weak immune system makes it challenging for your body to fend off infections. You might find yourself making lifestyle changes like eating healthy and exercising … and still have a weak immune system. You might get sick more often than other people and take longer to recover. Even when you avoid smoking and drinking, you might still find yourself unable to fight off illness. You may have done everything you can to stay healthy, and yet you keep getting sick. 


Enjoying a night out at a crowded concert, without the fear of getting sick.

Building up your stash of sick days at work, because you never have to use them.

Mental Health and Your Immune System

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Your immune system guards your body against infections. The body generates immune system cells called white blood cells, which travel throughout the body looking for invaders to fight. If your immune system isn’t strong, these white blood cells get defeated easily. Left defenseless, the body gives in to sickness. 

The immune system is affected by many factors, not just what you eat and drink. Stress, negative thoughts, and anxiety can directly affect the immune system. If you’re constantly under stress, your body can’t build enough strong immune cells to keep infections away. 

Hypnosis helps your immune system on all fronts. At the NYC Hypnosis Center, we can fortify your immunity by using the power of your mind. According to the American Psychological Association, research shows that the state of your mind influences the immune system. A study of students in medical schools found that calm imagery could lower stress levels before an exam, helping to improve both mood and health in the students. 

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If you’re depressed, under stress, or not getting enough sleep your immune system weakens, leading to more illnesses. Hypnosis can calm your mind to relieve stress, which makes your body more resistant to infections. 

Scientific Proof

Hypnosis is an excellent example of the mind-body connection. When it comes to your immune system, hypnosis has a direct line. A study in the American Journal of Hypnosis tested the effects of hypnosis on the immune system. The study found that hypnosis increased the amount of key immune cells in the body. The International Journal of Neuroscience published a 2009 study confirming how guided imagery — a practice used in hypnosis—can reduce stress and boost the immune system. 

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When it comes to impacting your immune system, hypnosis has a direct line. Hypnosis programs the subconscious to rev up the immune system. The body responds by increasing the production of immune cells, boosting your ability to fight off diseases.

At NYC Hypnosis Center, we target the root cause of what’s making your immune system weak. Are you feelinganxiety or stress? Do you find it hard to eat healthy and exercise? Is getting out of bed in the morning a challenge for you? Spotting the root causes of your low immune response is vital, and we can do that for you.   

If you’re under stress or suffering from depression, we can train your mind to think differently. Positive thoughts and healthy thinking patterns can cause long-lasting beneficial changes to both your mind and body — let’s help you make that happen. 


Feeling powerful and fit without resorting to unnatural methods. 

Visiting a medical facility without fear of getting sick. 

Waking up in the morning feeling invigorated and healthy. 

Use Hypnosis to Boost Your Immune System

At NYC Hypnosis Center, we can identify what’s causing your weak immune system. Our certified hypnotist can work with you to treat the issues that keep you from being healthy. Whether it’s stress, a lack of sleep, or depression, we can address those concerns and let you thrive. We will program your inner mind so you have a strong hearty immune system. Are you interested in using hypnosis to boost your immune system? Call or visit NYC Hypnosis Center and we can get your started. 

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