Hypnosis to be a Squash Champ

Hypnosis to be a Squash Champ NYC

Imagine stepping into the serving box, confident in your ability to hit the sidewall, start a volley, and to take your squash game to the next level.

Squash is a game of speed, agility, and quick reactions. If you’ve struggled with improving your squash game you’ve probably wondered

How can I stop wasting points and make every point count?

What can I do to master my straight drive?

Why do I keep losing focus whenever I’m losing badly or very ahead?

Challenges Squash Players Encounter

The game of squash is a fast-paced, thrilling ride. Staying on your toes, keeping an eye on the ball, and then that satisfying “thwack” when the ball goes flying—it’s all an addictive adrenaline rush. However, after mastering the basics of squash, taking your skills to the next level can be challenging. One method to use is hypnosis to be a squash champ. Becoming a champion at squash demands attention to detail and speed. It’s the ability to change the pace in a millisecond and control the movement of every “body part” with precision. For instance, to improve your cross-courts play, you’ll have to hit the ball with an open-faced racquet, taking diligence, practice, and skill. 

Imagine hitting winning shots every single time and controlling and owning the T.

Using Hypnosis to be a Squash Champ

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Becoming a squash champion is more than just mastering the straight drive, it’s about having the physical and mental discipline to play every aspect of the game well. It’s about playing every single point as a game or a match ball, no matter how far ahead or behind you are.

Hypnosis is excellent for improving your squash game because much of squash is a game of the mind. Understanding your mindset, and that of your opponent can help you to determine when to use a drop shot, when to keep the ball tight to the wall, or when to lob the ball. All these decisions have to be made in the quickest of moments, and hypnosis can train your mind to process the information simultaneously. Hypnosis can also teach your mind to always be ready, just like you would keep your racket up and ready to play the shot you need to—your mind also has to remain “up” and ready to play. 

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The Mind Body Connection

Hypnosis reaches into your mind and finds the memories that are affecting your squash game. Are you having trouble with your follow-through on shots? Hypnosis can help you relive each problem shot, giving you the ability to problem shoot your form. If you’re having difficulty figuring out when to use deception over disguise, hypnosis can let you visualize past decision points. Identifying the vital actions, you should be avoiding or performing is essential to improving your play. Through hypnosis, you can go back in time to visualize each detail, learning how to perfect your decision making and execution. 

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Hypnosis, also known as hypnotherapy, for squash can program your mind to stay in the zone, free of any negative thoughts. It can help you to remain calm and focused, regardless of the level of competition. Finally, because you are in the zone, your body will respond automatically. You will play at the highest level possible free of distractions.

Start using hypnosis to be a squash champ. Make an appointment with one of our certified hypnotists and make every hit a winning shot. Let us give you that competitive edge and take your squash game to the next level. 

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