Hypnosis for Yips

hypnosis for yips hypnotherapy NYC

Imagine being able to excel in your sport and perform your best.

Through hypnosis for yips, you can regain your confidence and your motor skills. You can escape from the stress and frustration that are holding you back.

If you suffer from yips, you may find yourself wondering:

“What is causing this to happen?”

“Why can’t I just do my best?”

“Is there anything that can help me escape from the yips?”

The yips are a sudden loss of motor skills. This often happens without any reason and can affect any sport. In baseball, the catcher may not be able to throw the ball. The pitcher is unable to pitch or find the player. They throw wild pitches and are no longer able to throw strikes.

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In golf, the athlete may lose focus and be unable to put. It feels like their grip is different without any reason for it. It feels like a sudden twitch or jerk changes your swing. Researchers have found that 33 to 48 percent of golfers go through the yips. For cricket players, the bowler may be unable to release the ball. Tennis players may have problems serving. Meanwhile, an NFL placekicker may struggle to kick a field goal. In basketball, the yips can make it hard to shoot a free throw shot.

No matter what sport you play, the yips can be stressful. You know that you can do better, but your body will not do what you want. You can overcome the yips with hypnosis.

Imagine . . .

Escaping the stress and being able to relax.

Being able to do your best in every game.

No longer having to suffer from the yips.

Hypnosis for yips helps you relax and feel calmer. While scientists do not know why the yips happen, they think that it is related to the mind. Stress and frustration can make it hard to do your best. Once you have the yips, you become even more stressed out as you worry about them happening again. You have to break this mental cycle if you want to do your best.

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Hypnosis for Yips

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You can overcome the yips with hypnosis. Your mind reacts to the pressure of playing. It has created a pattern of feeling fear before each pitch or serve. Until you break this pattern, the yips will continue. Your mental game is just as important as the physical game.

Hypnosis uses the power of the mind to boost your performance. This powerful method brings you to a state of relaxation. In this state, you can rewire the mind. You can reduce your stress and get rid of your doubts. Instead of fearing that the yips will happen again, you feel confident.

Sometimes, memories of the yips can hold you back. Your mind returns to the same memories and creates a pattern of fear. During hypnosis, you can reframe how you think of these memories. You release the hold that they have over you. Powerful affirmations help you feel confident and focuses. With hypnosis, you are finally able to relax and do your best again.

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