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Is Hypnosis for Work Addiction Right for You?

Work can engulf your entire life, isolating you from family and friends, and ruin your health. If work is your addiction, you might have asked yourself

Why do I feel this insatiable need to succeed and receive accolades, even when it makes me so miserable?

What can I do to fix the bridges I’ve burnt with the people I love because of work?

How can I change my habits, like always checking my work phone and always answering emails right away?

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Work addiction might not look like an addiction to someone looking in. Our culture prizes ambition, monetary success, and being addicted to work can mean living up to that expectation. Putting in long hours. Missing out on family functions. Alienating loved ones and friends. It may be what it takes to get to the top, but it can come at a dire cost. It can become an all-consuming addiction that can tear apart your life. Work becomes an addiction when, despite its negative impact on your health, personal life, social life, and character, you still find yourself unable to walk away from work. 

Imagine being on a long vacation with your loved ones, enjoying the quiet and serenity of having nothing immediate to do.

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Hypnosis for work addiction make that a reality. Receiving hypnosis makes the process of walking away from any addiction, much less challenging. Work addiction can be just as destructive as other addictions, and very often, people with work addiction want to quit. They no longer find work satisfying or enjoyable, but they feel the need to work and strive anyway. Hypnosis can cut the ties that make you cling to work, helping you to break free. 

You may think you know why you overwork and overwhelm yourself. You may even believe you are working hard for the sake of your family. However, work addiction can often mask itself as ambition and a sense of duty. The reasons people become addicted to work are often deep within their minds, and they are unaware of why they need to succeed. Work addiction may stem from an old insult from a neighbor as a child, or from growing up with a parent who wasn’t a good provider. Memory exploration is a technique utilized during a hypnosis for work addiction session. You can become aware of what’s really driving you, like memories from your childhood. Hypnosis can eliminate any unhealthy beliefs related to work through suggestions and imagery, enabling you to prioritize your life the way you’ve always wanted to. 

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If you want to live your life unburdened by work addiction, then call us today to schedule an appointment. Our certified hypnotists will work with you in a safe and relaxing environment, to discover what has caused your addiction. You deserve to live the meaningful life you’ve always wanted. Hypnosis for work addiction is the key to changing your thinking.

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