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Hypnotherapy for TMJ Hypnosis NYC Tempero-Mandubular Joint Dysfunction

Imagine being able to live without the jaw pain or discomfort of Tempero-Mandubular Joint Dysfunction with TMJ Hypnosis in NYC.

If you suffer from TMJ, the symptoms can limit your ability to enjoy life. By seeking treatment, you can alleviate the symptoms and become capable of living a normal life.

Do you experience pain that impacts your life?

Is the task of eating or talking too much for you to handle?

Are you unable to open your mouth completely due to the pain?

Unfortunately for TMJ sufferers, the jaw is something that you need to use on a daily basis. Even with medical treatment, it can still cause debilitating pain. You may feel pain in your neck, jaw or ears. Some individuals even experience headaches because of the pain. Although the cause of TMJ is not entirely known, grinding your teeth, stress, arthritis and joint issues are believed to play a strong role.


Being able to eat, talk and open your mouth free of discomfort

Limiting the stress that is contributing to TMJ

Reducing the pain and discomfort that you experience

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When you experience stress, your body enters a “fight or flight” mode. Although this was once useful when humans were hunters and gatherers, it is debilitating in modern life. There are too many sources of stress in the modern world, so your body is continuously releasing stress hormones. These chemicals can cause inflammation that exacerbates TMJ and arthritis. In addition, being in stress can cause you to grind your teeth without realizing it, which can increase jaw pain.

To alleviate TMJ, you can start by reducing stress. Since this is not always possible, you will also need to learn how to manage and respond to stress in a healthy way. Your body has spent years learning its stress response, and unlearning it can take a long time on your own. Through TMJ hypnosis, you can immediately get help with reducing stress and learning how to handle negative emotions.

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How does TMJ hypnosis work?

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During your session, the hypnotist will use relaxation techniques to induce a hypnotic state of mind. While you are in this mental state, your mind is more receptive to suggestions and positive affirmations. You will be guided through a process of releasing negative emotions, stress and pain. At the same time, positive affirmations will be given that help you to feel happier and less stressed out. Through TMJ hypnotherapy sessions, you can learn how to induce a state of deep relaxation and detachment throughout the day. Your subconscious will be trained to let go of the thoughts that disturb you and to disassociate yourself from painful symptoms. As a result, you will be able to enjoy life and experience a deep level of physical comfort.

Hypnosis is the fastest way to reduce the stress and pain that you experience on a daily basis. Although your symptoms may not go away entirely, reducing stress will help to alleviate the symptoms. In addition, your body will become better at disassociating from the discomfort so that the symptoms that remain are less noticeable. To alleviate your pain and discomfort, try one of our TMJ hypnosis sessions today!

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