Hypnosis for Low Libido & Sex Drive

Hypnosis for Low Libido & Sex Drive Hypnotherapy NYC


Enjoying sexual intimacy and feeling empowered to engage in what you desire.

No longer feeling frustrated about nights with your significant other. 

Performing an erotic act with your partner and not feeling guilty about it. 

Our emotions, past experiences, and beliefs can interfere with our libido, decreasing our sexual satisfaction, and ruin our intimate relationships. 

If you’re finding sexual intimacy less pleasurable, or are seeing a decrease in your libido, then you may have asked yourself

How can I start to feel sexual pleasure again?

Why can’t I feel aroused when I usually would have been?

What can I do to rejuvenate my sex life and please my partner? 

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Sexual drive, also known as libido, can wax and wane over a lifetime due to a variety of factors. Hormones, health, relationship status, and stress are some factors that may affect libido. A loss in sexual interest at any time in a person’s life is typical. However, if the lack of interest occurs for a prolonged period, causing distress, or if it affects an individual’s intimate relationships, then low libido may be more than a passing phase and should be addressed. Stress also plays a huge role in someone’s sexual function. The “fight-or-flight” response, during times of stress, readies the body for battle. This battle-ready state doesn’t want activities like sex to get in the way of the fight; thus, anxiety (the mind) directs the body not to feel aroused or tempted by sex. 


Feeling the magical, long lost spark of sexual desire again. 

Being excited at the prospect of a night in bed with your partner. 

Allowing yourself to enjoy erotic images again. 

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Hypnosis for Low Libido & Sex Drive can ignite—or re-ignite—the flame of passion in your life. The famous saying, “The largest sexual organ is the brain,” is more than a little right. The body will not respond if the mind doesn’t allow it to. A lot of what makes sexual desire occur is in the mind. For instance, the setting of a sexual encounter, who it is with, whether the relationship is healthy, are all things that play into arousal. Hypnosis can unlock all the doors in your mind and open you up to a more enjoyable sex life.

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Through techniques such as hypnotic suggestion and memory work, hypnosis for low libido can help locate and patch old trauma. For instance, if you were ever caught “in the act” as a teen, or even as an adult, it can be very embarrassing for all the parties involved. This embarrassment maybe what doesn’t allow the body to feel sexually interested. Hypnosis can find and heal this memory. Hypnosis for Low Libido & Sex Drive can also manage religious guilt associated with sex. Whether religious guilt stems from a past life, a lost childhood memory, or current religious beliefs, hypnosis can resolve that feeling, allowing you to find pleasure in sex, again. 

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