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Hypnosis for Hockey NYC

Do you dwell on past mistakes?

Do you perform better during practice?

Do you feel like your response time is too slow?

Athletic performance is about more than just talent. There’s a mind set and focus necessary to play at your best. Hockey requires quick thinking, laser focus, creativity, strong mental toughness and aggressive action on the ice. Hypnosis for hockey focuses on your concentration, strategy and makes your responses automatic which gives you the edge in accelerating your reaction times, making your movements fluid and setting you up for success. Furthermore, it helps you overcome performance anxiety that can get the best of the most talented hockey players.  

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Remaining Poised and Powerful In The Most Competitive Game

Heightening Your Focus and Concentration

Enhancing Your Speed, Agility and Automatic Responses

Improve Your Ice Hockey Skills

Hypnosis for hockey focuses on the subconscious part of your mind. You are in a relaxed state, where your mind is quiet. The hypnosis practitioner incorporates a variety of techniques. One such highly effective hockey hypnosis technique is visualization, commonly used amongst the best athletes. You visualize your domination on the ice, the speed and fluidity of your movements, your control of the puck, smooth passing, your power and experiencing your best performance yet. The mental and physical components all come together for an exceptional performance.  

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Hockey is such a competitive sport requiring precision, speed and concentration amongst other important skills. Hockey players have used hockey hypnosis to give them an advantage on the ice.  In addition, most coaches find mental training essential to sports performance and dedicate considerable coaching to that aspect of the game. Although practicing on the ice is critical, it is not enough to focus on the physical. 

Insightful Hypnotherapy Study of Hockey Players

Sixteen university level hockey players participated in this study. Hypnosis for hockey was the focus of this research in relation to performance anxiety. At the onset of the study, each participant was evaluated using the Sinha’s Comprehensive Anxiety Test and the Arons depth scale to obtain a pretest score. Once results were determined, each participant received 45 to 60 minutes of hypnotherapy with the goal of addressing performance anxiety. The results showed a significant difference with a high degree of confidence in reduced anxiety levels after hypnotherapy was incorporated.  

Eliminate Anxiety and Hesitation with Hypnosis for Hockey

In fact, hypnotherapy and the application of self-hypnosis have shown great results in reducing anxiety that can inhibit the achievement of peak performance. Hockey is a sport that requires harmony between the mind and body. In fact, performance anxiety can ruin your chances of success on the ice. Meanwhile, current data clearly demonstrates the value hypnotherapy plays in alleviating performance anxiety amongst university hockey players.  

In athletic performance, the automatic response plays a significant advantage. It bypasses that typical delay when the brain is sending signals to the body. It sharpens your instincts so your performance is more fluid. For example, Wayne Gretzky has incorporated hypnosis into his training. In fact, some of the greatest athletes and championships coaches utilize hypnosis as part of their training.  

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