Hypnosis for Fibromyalgia

Hypnosis for Fibromyalgia Hypnotherapy NewYork City

Imagine being able to escape the pain of fibromyalgia and sleep better with hypnosis for fibromyalgia.

Scientists do not know what causes fibromyalgia. This illness affects the central nervous system. When you have fibromyalgia, you feel pain all the time. This pain and tenderness causes discomfort all over your body. You want to live a normal life, but the pain holds you back.

“Are you tired of being in constant pain?”

“Does anxiety and stress make your symptoms worse?”

“Are you always tired because you cannot sleep well?”

When you have fibromyalgia, stress and anxiety can make the symptoms worse. The constant pain affects your quality of sleep and your happiness. You try to live a normal life, but the pain gets in the way. Through hypnosis for fibromyalgia, you may be able to achieve pain reduction and stress relief.

Imagine . . .

Finally getting a full night’s sleep

Feeling rested and calm

Reducing your pain and anxiety

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Pain management is hard for people with fibromyalgia. Up to 2 percent of people have fibromyalgia symptoms. These symptoms start between age 25 and 55. You start to notice pain all over your body. Stress only makes the symptoms work. If you try to work out or do heavy lifting, your pain increases. Your well-being is effected because of the constant pain.

Hypnotherapy for fibromyalgia helps to reduce the symptoms. Scientists think that the pain comes from how the brain chemicals are processed. They become oversensitive and heighten pain signals. Since this happens in your brain, you have the power to change it. If you can change how the mind works through hypnosis for fibromyalgia, you can change how the mind perceives pain. You can hinder pain signals from reaching the mind.

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Many people with fibromyalgia also have chronic fatigue. The pain keeps you from sleeping. Hypnosis for fibromyalgia helps to improve your sleep. Instead of tossing and turning, you get a full night’s rest. Scientists now know that hypnosis is a good treatment for pain management. In research studies, pain networks in the mind become less active during hypnosis. Basically, the mind does not feel the pain as much. Hypnotherapy for fibromyalgia helps manage how often and bad flare ups are. The National Institute of Health found that hypnosis led to 80 percent fewer pain episodes for fibromyalgia patients.

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Anyone who is in constant pain experiences stress. You are worried and anxious that the pain will return. Many people with fibromyalgia also suffer from anxiety, depression or stress. Hypnosis can help manage these symptoms, so you can focus on your health. Hypnosis can influence the automatic nervous system. This helps promote peace and calmness. You are able to sleep better and feel less stressed. Before long, you can focus on taking control of your health.

Hypnosis also offers relaxation techniques. Visualization, breathing and coping techniques help to decrease symptoms. These techniques can help you expel pain as you breathe. With hypnosis, you can enjoy a positive frame of mind and less discomfort.

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