Hypnosis for Cancer NYC

Hypnotherapy for Cancer NYC

Imagine being able to experience less pain and nausea as you combat cancer…

This medical condition is known as a multi-system illness. It involves every part of your physical, cellular and psychological body. In order to combat the symptoms and manifestations of cancer, you must address all of the ways that it attacks your body. Hypnosis for Cancer can help.

Do you feel depressed about your diagnosis?

Do you suffer from pain, nausea or other side effects from your medication?

Are your treatments more challenging because you fear and anticipate the pain they will cause?

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Cancer patients have unique needs that are not always met by standard medical treatments. In addition to the actual treatment process, you may want to have additional emotional support, understanding and communication. It is normal to feel depressed or apathetic after getting a diagnosis, and this does not help your symptoms. Hypnosis is designed to alleviate the feelings of depression or apathy that you may experience. At the same time, it can help for pain, nausea and other side effects. Medical research shows that using hypnosis can reduce the perception of pain and the amount of pain medication that patients need.


Enjoying a positive outlook as you work through the treatment process

Experiencing less pain or nausea

Physically benefiting from having a positive mental and emotional state

No longer experiencing anxiety as you anticipate each treatment

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Pain and anxiety are closely interrelated. When you are anxious or depressed, it feeds into your pain level. By improving your mental outlook, hypnosis can reduce the pain that you experience. In addition, hypnosis for cancer can limit the perception of pain by working with your subconscious. Pain is experienced when receptors in your mind receive signals from your body. Hypnosis helps to reroute these signals so that your mind does not hear the pain messengers. As a result, you experience a lower intensity and duration of pain. Since nausea and many other side effects operate on the same principle, you can also reduce the severity of symptoms that you experience.

During your Hypnosis for Cancer NYC session, a variety of techniques will be used to help you. Direct suggestion, visualization and positive affirmations work with your mind to change the experience of pain or other symptoms. For pain specifically, altering the way the mind experiences pain, using imagery or changing the anticipation of pain may be helpful.

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If you are going through chemotherapy, you can use hypnosis to limit your nausea or vomiting. According to research, hypnosis can reduce your nausea by limiting conditioned anticipatory emesis. It essentially limits your normal tendency to feel nauseous, which inhibits your experience of nausea. Hypnotic techniques like inducing relaxation, increasing your hunger, sensory alteration, dissociation and imagery may be used to help you limit your experience of nausea.

Your mind and body are closely linked to each other. By changing the way your mind perceives symptoms, you can change the way your body experiences them. Hypnosis also induces an improved attitude and outlook that can directly affect your physical health. As you fight for your health and happiness, choose hypnosis to help you along the way.

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