Hypnosis for ADHD

Hypnosis for ADHD in NYC

Are you frustrated at school or work because it’s so hard to concentrate on tasks?

Do you feel bad about your performance and avoid situations because of a fear of failure?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder also referred to as ADHD is a condition in which the individual has a variety of symptoms. They can impact performance in school, at work and other most life activities that require focus and attention. Difficulty being able to focus is considered the most common symptom. This Individual may be characterized as hyperactive, may not be able to complete tasks, may appear jumpy, have impulse control issues and / or have mood swings. It makes it difficult to plan, organize and complete activities creating difficulties in childhood and eventually carries into adulthood. There are dire consequences if ADHD is not addressed. Statistics show individuals with ADHD are significantly more likely to do poorly academically and not to graduate. 


Feeling confident in taking tests at school 

Being able to concentrate on tasks that were very difficult in the past.

Feeling empowered to reach your goals 

Achieving success at work or in school

How Hypnosis Works 

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Data shows hypnosis for ADHD has been highly effective in improving focus and concentration. When an individual is guided into hypnosis, the person is awake and in a very relaxed state. This is calming for someone with ADHD. In this relaxed state, the hypnosis practitioner is able to access your subconscious and provide suggestions for focus and concentration. Within this state, the individual is most open to these suggestions. A technique such as future pacing for enhanced focus and concentration is very common. Furthermore, because you are more open to change in this state, the hypnotherapist can help you figure out and break some of the behavioral patterns that are holding you back. 

The hypnotist may also teach techniques that the client can continue to use on their own. It is incredibly empowering for someone with ADHD to be able to implement these strategies themselves. Besides addressing the symptoms, it creates a greater level of confidence

Why Hypnosis for ADHD 

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There are surprising reasons why hypnotherapy for ADHD can be so effective. When working with a client, a good hypnosis practitioner will adjust their approach to the client. So, with an ADHD client, they focus on techniques that tap into their imagination and move at a quicker pace. In fact, there is some commonality between what areas of the brain hypnosis taps into and what an individual with ADHD taps into. It’s really quite fascinating and explains why an ADHD may be even more responsive to hypnosis. 

These unexpected similarities, may make hypnosis so effective, for example;

·       Tendency to daydream, is a light hypnotic state

·       A greater level of sensitivity that can be tapped into 

·       A creative mind that makes for more heightened memories 

·       A gravitation toward and desire for different experiences i.e. hypnosis 

Furthermore, people with ADHD may struggle with low self-esteem. This has to do with difficulties performing well in school, work or the many activities that require focus and attention to detail. Hypnosis helps with building confidence through visualization of performing well and achieving success. This coupled with the techniques to address symptoms of ADHD can be powerful.

Although it is very common to prescribe medication for ADHD, some would say that the effectiveness of it may lose some of its benefit after years of use.

Scientific Data for Hypnotherapy for ADHD

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In three studies we looked at for hypnosis for Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, the findings were quite fascinating. The conclusion was that hypnosis for attention-deficit disorder proved effective. In fact, one study showed it performed with a better outcome than cognitive behavioral therapy long term. Scientific data also shows that required nuerofeedback treatments are cut in half when hypnosis is utilized. The findings support that cognitive performance can be positively impacted by suggestions through hypnosis. 

There are a number of reasons why hypnosis for attention-deficit-disorder should be highly considered. Studies support the effectiveness of hypnosis for ADHD. In fact, there are some compelling reasons why ADHD clients can be highly susceptible to hypnosis. There are very real tendencies that ADHD individuals have that fall very much in line with hypnotic techniques and suggestions. The subconscious is where most beliefs, memories and feelings are held. Tapping into the subconscious and shifting one’s perspective is the reason hypnosis is such a powerful process.

Medical Hypnosis for ADHD in NYC