Fear of Success Hypnosis NYC

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Success Hypnosis NYC

It may sound shocking, but having a fear of success can actually be a bigger problem than having a fear of failure. For some people, the excitement that comes with success actually makes them feel anxious and uncomfortable. If you relate to this, you understand how paralyzing that promotion, new account, or successful date can be!

How is this possible?

Typically, a fear of success develops in response to some kind of past traumatic event. The adrenaline rush that comes with success reminds you of the adrenaline rush that you experienced during your trauma. After all, many of the physical reactions – like a fast heart rate, sweating, and shallow breathing – are the same. Since you don’t want to experience anything that reminds you of your past trauma, you avoid success whenever possible.

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Virtually all of the emotions you experience – both good and bad – come directly from your subconscious mind. If your subconscious doesn’t want to experience anything similar to your past trauma, it will do everything it can to steer you away from success. Since your subconscious is also responsible for virtually all of your automatic responses, you wind up living a life devoid of success.

Your hypnosis for fear of success will focus on two things:

  • Identifying your past trauma
  • Teaching your subconscious that your past trauma has nothing to do with future success

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If you’re scared of success because it reminds you of a past trauma, the key to moving forward is to show your subconscious that as bad as the trauma was – it’s over. We at the NYC Hypnosis Center can teach your subconscious that the emotions you’re experiencing now have nothing to do with your trauma.

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During a hypnosis for fear of success session, you will move into a trance-like state that will give you the ability to recognize what in your past is the source of your fear. Once identified, we can help change the way your subconscious perceives the event. Essentially, we will explain to your subconscious mind that what may have seemed traumatic or scary as a child or young adult, no longer needs to hold you back.

If your subconscious can learn to stop associating every intense emotion with your past trauma, it will allow you to experience success in a healthy, positive way. That way, you won’t be scared to interview for your dream job, ask out the partner of your dreams, or compete in the marathon. Instead, you’ll be driven by a desire to succeed – instead of a fear!

A Fear of Success Hypnosis session can:

Give you the Courage to Embrace Success

Motivate you to Explore exciting Opportunities

Hypnotherapy for fear of success Hypnosis NYC


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