Fear of Authority Figures

Hypnosis for Fear of Authority Figures NYC


Respectfully and assertively stating your point of view to your supervisor.

Having your request for a raise granted by your boss.

If you feel unheard, disrespected, and unappreciated, but are too afraid to speak up to your boss or authority figure, then you’ve probably asked yourself

Why do I allow this person to have so much power over me?

How can I gain enough confidence to assert my opinions and ask for what I deserve?

What can I do to gain mutual respect from this person?

It’s only human to feel intimidated by a boss or an authority figure. We all grow up being taught to respect our elders, follow our parents unquestioningly, and listen to our teachers. It’s ingrained into our brains, and it’s woven into our culture. As we get older, though, we start to realize that our elders weren’t perfect and that our opinions have weight. We eventually see ourselves as equal to those we once thought were dominant authority figures. We grow up into confident adults.

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However, for some people, that feeling of being weaker or helpless never goes away. They may always see themselves as the young child, having to do everything someone of a higher rank tells them to do. They may see their boss, their religious leader, or their spouse as that authority figure from childhood, and they may feel powerless against them. Victims of childhood trauma may find it especially hard to be self-confident around supervisors as an adult because they have memories of being verbally or physically punished for speaking up. The memories can cause people to become reserved and meek around people in positions of power, limiting their success at work, and creating imbalances in their personal life.


Walking purposefully into a meeting and gaining the respect of your supervisors.

Feeling secure enough to enthusiastically share your new ideas about a project with your boss.

Projecting self-assurance and poise towards your boss as you confidently ask for a raise.

Overcoming feelings of fear and pain, and being able to speak candidly and assertively to your supervisor.

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Hypnosis can help you re-evaluate and re-frame childhood memories. These old memories may affect your relationships with your boss or authority figure by keeping you in a state of submission. Hypnosis will free you from feeling weak and powerless, and place you in the right frame of mind to respectfully speak up and speak out. If you’re feeling defeated, hypnosis can retrain your mind to have confidence in situations where there is a power imbalance.

Hypnosis for Fear of Authority Figures

If you’d like to ask your boss for a raise, a new position, a corner office, or to stand out as a leader amongst your peers, then call us today to schedule an appointment. Our certified hypnotist will help you discover the strength within you to reach out to your boss or authority figure. Through hypnosis, you will learn how to command respect and exude strength, competence, and dependability. Call today and schedule a Fear of Authority Figures hypnosis session to discover the confidence you need to get what you want.

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